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Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter, claims she is ‘cursed’ with her sexuality.

Lourdes, Madonna’s oldest child with Carlos Leon, is 26 years old.

Lourdes, like her mom, has dived headfirst into the realms of music, dancing, and modeling, going by the stage name ‘Lolahol’.

Despite her popularity, Lourdes has revealed in a recent interview that she, too, has issues, namely with guys.

She said that she would say that her biggest sin is liking boys. It’s a terrible curse. She would avoid it if one could—males or boys in general—since such a distraction

She went on to say that if one wishes to be focused on something, the best strategy is to avoid boys at all costs.

Lourdes went on to remark that she is not as drawn to females as she is to guys.

She is painfully straight, and it’s terrible, she said.

She wishes it weren’t so, but these are the cards she has been dealt. She is suffering from a curse because of her attraction to these guys.

Lourdes additionally stated who her peculiar first infatuation was on, and that it was her mother who luckily shook her out of it.

The Mugler model said that, despite the fact that she was just a child when she had her ’embarrassing’ first infatuation, she feels it inspired the sort of person she would be attracted to in the future.

She recalls her dad showing her Jackass when she was 11 or 12, the musician said.

They’re the most fried guys she has ever seen, but she believed they were cool and hot. They’re complete morons; they were stapling their a** cheeks together. And for some reason, it triggered something in her that made her feel madly in love with Bam Margera.

She recalls sobbing to her mother and telling her that she is in love with this guy and doesn’t know what to do about it.

And she was like, ‘Well, listen, Lola, he’s married.’ That was her mom’s reaction to her. It wasn’t- First and foremost, she is 12 years old. Her mom stated to her matter-of-factly that he was married.

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