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Mo. Teen Cashier Is ‘Speechless’ After Receiving a $2,500 Tip from a Customer for His ‘Hard Work’

A teenage pizza restaurant employee in Missouri was “speechless” after receiving a $2,500 gratuity from a client.

Ryheem Lumpkins, a 16-year-old William Chrisman High School student whose hands and arms never completely matured, works the cash register, sweeps the floors, and washes down the buffet at the Pizza Ranch store in Independence.

In the process, he created a favorable impression on Robert Samay.

He admires his hard work, his good smile, and his good attitude, Samay reportedly told the kid. They don’t get that nowadays, particularly with young kids.

Samay handed the youngster a $5 tip last month. On Tuesday, he returned to extend a much greater thank you.

Lumpkins told that he had never had anything like that occur to him before. To be entirely truthful, he was speechless.

The money is good for Lumpkins, who is looking to purchase his first automobile, but the intent beneath the gesture matters even more.

That right there demonstrated to him that there are more people in the world who truly care about him, he said.

His ambition is to become a motivating speaker for children.

Embrace what sets one apart from other individuals, he said. Since a lot of people think it’s cool and a lot of individuals don’t. Don’t allow the bad statements to get to one’s head. Since there is so much good in the world.

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