Mom with tattoos is barred from tattoo parlors because they won’t touch her face

A mother with several tattoos stated she has been barred from tattoo parlors because they won’t touch her face.

It has been said of Melissa Sloan, called “Britain’s most tattooed mum,” that she has so many tattoos that they now cover her whole body.

The 45-year-old Welshwoman thinks she has almost 100 tattoos, including three layers only on her face. While she now views her ink as “an addiction,” it hasn’t been without its drawbacks.

And because of this, the mother-of-two is unable to get employment and is prohibited from visiting some tattoo parlors since the artists won’t tattoo her face.

Melissa recently revealed why she hasn’t worked in 20 years in the Daily Star’s ‘My Colourful Life’ series. Melissa cited her unusual looks as the reason.

She said that she has applied for jobs, and they look at her and say, ‘What is this?’ like she is not a human being.

Melissa said, adding that she had previously volunteered to “clean toilets, that she would love a job and prove them all wrong since all the time they keep saying to her, “We don’t want to give you a job, no one will give you a job.”

She always used to get into problems with the police; therefore, she’d love to be a solicitor or a lawyer in crime. So she believes she could do that duty.

Along with being unable to obtain work, Melissa has also experienced service refusals from various tattoo parlors, which the mother blames entirely on the tattoos she has on her face.

She said that she is prohibited from going to tattoo parlors because her face is covered in tattoos. Some tattoo parlors prohibit doing faces.

But by choosing to do her own ink, Melissa has partly found a solution to this problem, with her spouse often jumping in to assist.

Melissa clarified that she has her own kit and uses it anytime of the day. If she wishes for a tattoo at night, she’ll just get one.

In addition, Melissa claims that other businesses besides tattoo parlors have denied her access, forcing her to watch her child’s nativity play from the outside of the building.

She expressed that there are no Christmas parties, and she is not invited when she visits her child’s school.

They once instructed her to walk to the backyard and peek out the classroom window. She does not attend the school play because the instructors advised her not to.

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