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New Snow White Rachel Zegler criticizes the original film for being “creepy and stalker-ish.”

While many are enthusiastic for the forthcoming film, which will be released next year, it’s evident that the actress playing the titular role, Rachel Zegler, has some thoughts on the original film, which is now more than eight decades old after initially being published in 1937.

Zegler, 22, has pointed out numerous flaws in the original premise, calling it “creepy and stalker-ish.”

Marc Webb is directing the next American musical fantasy film, and Greta Gerwig and Erin Cressida Wilson wrote the script.

In an interview, the West Side Story actor claimed she wasn’t a fan of either the original Disney princess or the prince, who would be portrayed by star Andrew Burnap, labeling him a ‘stalker’.

The original cartoon was clearly released in 1937. Her love story with a person who practically chases her is heavily emphasized. Weird! Weird! So that’s something they didn’t do this time, Zegler said in an interview.

Zegler said that they have a different approach to what she is sure a lot of individuals will believe is a love story solely because they cast a guy in the movie. In her words, “Who knows, all of Andrew’s scenes could be cut.” “Hollywood, baby!”

She just meant that it’s no longer 1937, she said to the publication. She won’t be saved by the prince, and she won’t be fantasizing about true love.

She fantasizes about becoming the leader she feels she is capable of becoming, and the leader her late dad told her she could be if she was courageous, fair, bold, and honest.

While some are obviously thrilled for the new rendition, Zegler’s statements have certainly ruffled other Disney fans’ feathers.

One user retweeted the interview with the caption: “Snow White IS a LOVE STORY, but like everything else.

“Disney’s NEW movie has to be WOKE—change as much of the original story as possible in order to influence the next generation of children!”

“Original Story has worked for over 60 years but will no longer work, please!”

Not only has Twitter retaliated against Zegler, but in one video that has now been seen over 9.4 million times, TikTok user Angie, who goes by the handle @cosywithangie, also weighs in.

Angie states in a video accompanying the Variety interview that it is not anti-feminist to want to fall in love, get married, stay at home, be soft, and want to be a homemaker.

@cosywithangie Just because a woman values something different, does not make her any less valuable. Some women want a career and not marriage. Some women want a marriage or family and not a job. Some women want BOTH. All are to be heard, and seen, and valued. Write stories about ALL women and depict them ALL as valuable and worthy, instead of trying to mold them into one specific image of what you deem worthy. Thank you. #snowwhite #snowwhiteliveaction #snowwhitecontroversy #disney ♬ original sound – Angie | Self Care

None of these things make you less significant as a person or a woman, she said. It is not feminist to criticize Disney princesses. Not every woman has the ability to lead. Not every woman aspires to be a leader. It’s understandable that not every woman desires or demands power.

It is not feminist to believe that a woman is less important simply because she falls in love or accepts help from others rather than girl-bossing her way through her problems.

Others, on the other hand, backed Zegler and her remarks, with one Twitter user writing: “The Rachel Zegler hate is genuinely some of the stupidest sh*t I’ve seen on this app.”

“She made one remark about how Snow White has ambitions other than romance, and suddenly everyone decided that women being damsels in distress is actually feminist.”

What are your thoughts?

Snow White is expected to be on our screens in the spring of next year (March 22, 2024).

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