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Deputy purchases food for a hungry family in need because “he cared.”

A deputy attending to a domestic quarrel at a Denver-area home discovered an even greater problem: hungry children.

Deputy Ryan Weiner of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office went above and beyond to assist the family, which includes a great-grandmother raising two kids.

Weiner said that in his area of work, he often encounters individuals in difficulty.

On a lot of days, it’s someone’s worst, worst day of their life, he remarked. He sees a lot of pain on the job. Sadly, they don’t have much time to follow up since they’re going from phone to phone.

Weiner, on the other hand, claimed he couldn’t get a domestic disturbance call out of his head.

Weiner arrived at an apartment on June 30th where 71-year-old Vicki Green was parenting two young boys. According to reports, the youngsters went to bed hungry and woke up hungry.

Green informed Weiner that she and her partner had been bickering, and that a nasty deed had exacerbated the conflict.

Weiner said that he ate the two last hot dogs in the house that were supposed to be for the boys and made them just sit there and watch while he ate them. As a father, a parent, and a good human being like that, she just felt so angry and terrible.

Rather than responding to the next call, the deputy and his companion visited a local grocery shop.

Weiner said that he just knew there was something he could do, and he was unwilling to leave having that feeling later, realizing that in that scenario, he could do more.

When the deputies returned with bags of goods, Green was overtaken with emotion.

Green said that it was not just a responsibility or a duty. She believes he did it because he cared.

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Ryan Weiner

Weiner added that he was simply thankful in that moment that, in some way, there was some temporary relief for her.

Green’s family may have been nourished that day by the groceries, but Weiner’s charity continues to feed her spirit.

He was a blessing, as she described him. She was not his, but he was her blessing. She’d do it all again.

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