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Okla. Boy, 13, Makes History With College Degree: ‘He Is the Smartest Person I Know,’ Says Sister.

On Saturday, Elijah Muhammad made history by receiving his graduation from Oklahoma City Community College.

He became the youngest black student to finish college with a degree in computer technology and cybersecurity on Saturday. When he enrolled at Oklahoma City Community College in August 2020, he became the state’s youngest black college student.

Elijah didn’t realize the full significance of it until his father fully explained it to him and said, ‘You’re really doing this. You’re the youngest person to ever achieve it.’

According to the adolescent, he now has four diplomas from the school to his name.

“He is the smartest person I know,” his 15-year-old college graduate sister Shania Muhammad remarked. “Whether you’re older or younger, it’s as if I’ve never seen anything like him.”

According to Elijah, the siblings are constantly pulling for each other. They’ve got a lot of competitiveness. But she really helps him with a lot of his studies, he stated.

Elijah is also a student at Ohio State University, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and forensics.

After enrolling at community college, Dr. Vincent Bridges, the school’s vice president of academic affairs, told Elijah that he felt Elijah was the first of many more students like him to come.

They’ll see a lot more people demonstrating that they are cognitively ready and wish to take that step, just like Elijah.

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