Police fear domestic violence after a Tennessee woman went missing on a cross-country trip with her boyfriend three weeks ago.

A Tennessee lady on a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend has been missing for more than three weeks, and authorities feel she is in danger, citing an alleged history of domestic abuse.

Nikki Alcaraz, also known as Nikki Cunningham, was last seen on May 6 in Moriarty, New Mexico, according to a missing persons flyer sent by the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee. Alcaraz, 33, was traveling with Steven Tyler Stratton, whom family members say is her boyfriend, according to authorities.

According to a sheriff’s office flyer, Alcaraz, a mom of two, was last seen in a Jeep Wrangler with Tennessee license plates and a bumper sticker that reads “Mama Tired.”

Due to a history of domestic assault, they believe she is in danger, states the flyer, adding that Alcaraz might be in New Mexico, Arizona, or California.

According to Alcaraz’s relatives, she and Stratton were on a cross-country vacation from Tennessee to Orange County, Calif., where she intended to see family.

Citing a sheriff’s department report in Torrance County, N.M., the pair contacted police authorities on May 4, and Alcaraz had a black eye. According to the report, Stratton reportedly punched Alcaraz in the face. According to the report, Stratton had blood flowing from his lips and nose and said he’d been struck.

Both refused to seek charges, according to the sheriff’s report. The Torrance County Sheriff’s Office could not be reached immediately.

Toni Alcaraz, Alcaraz’s sister, said that Alcaraz had phoned her following the incident with the police. She was upset and crying. Her eye was already turning black, and she was clearly bruised, Toni Alcaraz recalled.

After the incident with the police, a family friend traveled to New Mexico to meet Alcaraz, intending to accompany her to California. On the day they were meant to depart, May 6, Alcaraz stated she needed to go locate Stratton, so the family friend proceeded to California without her.

That was the last recorded sighting of Alcaraz, but Toni Alcaraz got a text from her a few days later, stating she was in Arizona and planning to travel to California.

Stratton is sought on an unrelated arrest warrant for failing to appear for a probation violation resulting from a theft case.

Alcaraz is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds, according to police. She has brown eyes and long brown hair.

Anyone with information should call the Moriarty, New Mexico, police department at 505-832-6060.

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