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Rachael Ray Ends Show Through Tears After 17 Seasons: ‘We’ll See Ya When We See Ya’

On her program, a small-screen culinary legend has placed her spoon for the final time.

“The Rachael Ray Show,” Rachael Ray’s syndicated daytime chat program, concluded its last episode on May 24, capping her 17 EVOO-filled seasons on television.

She has made the choice that it’s time for her to move on to the next interesting phase in her broadcast career, Ray said on March 3, after the show’s ratings had dropped significantly in previous years. She said that she will instead concentrate on her newly launched production company, Free Food Studios.

To commemorate Ray’s leaving, various people, comprising close ones and megawatt celebrities, showed up throughout the course of the week to say their goodbyes and reminisce on their time with the chef, author, and entrepreneur.

Ray began by saying goodbye to her audience, whom she has had since her program debuted on September 18, 2006. To honor her husband, John Cusimano, who would regularly come on the program, she created his “favorite dish on the planet”: pasta carbonara with a seafood twist.

During her and Cusimano’s romance, Ray questioned him about what she should cook him, and he responded with this meal, done just as he loves it, with plenty of egg yolks and garlic. Ray added king crab to this version of carbonara and dubbed it “crabonara.” (Yet another ingenious portmanteau for the road.)

“Oh, that’s a heavy baby, hon,” she laughed as she handed a pan containing the final dish to her husband, which had been created in their home kitchen, as have many culinary segments over the years. “There you go, honey. Happy last show of this show.”

Oprah Winfrey, Ray’s longtime mentor, had a few things to say about the lady in whom she had such faith that she had Harpo Studios create Ray’s program.

It’s difficult to say goodbye to the audience; that was very difficult for her, Winfrey said in a pre-recorded video. But the most difficult thing is saying goodbye to the individuals who’ve become one’s family these past 17 years: the crew, the staff, the producers, everyone who has made ‘The Rachael Ray Show’ everything that it is. She said congratulations and couldn’t wait to see what Rachel cooked up next. “Yum, yum,” Winfrey said at the end of the video.

Donnie Wahlberg, who appeared on the program 13 times — often with wife Jenny McCarthy, who also contributed a video tribute — also made an appearance on the last episode. During the most recent episode, Wahlberg called in to discuss Ray, whom he described as compassionate and true.

Earlier in the week, several famous guests who appeared on the program delivered farewell remarks. Michelle Obama, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Whoopi Goldberg, Bob Harper, and Gayle King were among those who remembered their visits to the program and created memories with the TV presenter.

“Hey friend, I can’t believe it’s been 17 years since you started the show. What an incredible run,” Obama remarked in a video message.

She is grateful for all of the memories they made together, from talking together during Barack’s very first presidential campaign to getting their hands dirty harvesting vegetables in the White House garden, Obama wrote, noting that they also gave meals to people in need. She thanked Rachel, for always being ready for a little trip with her and for always cheering them all up every afternoon. She can’t wait to see what Rachel come up with next.

At the conclusion of her farewell program, Ray thanked Cusimano for his aid throughout the years, notably during the pandemic, when he assisted with the show while she shot from home.

“So much going on and you’ve been with me all these years. Thank you,” Ray replied as she kissed her lover.

“Nobody gets me like you guys get me. You all make me better,”Ray stated as she thanked her coworkers and crew. Then, with tears in her eyes, she said her famous goodbye: “We’ll see ya when we see ya, everybody.”

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