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Wounded Veteran Gets His Service Dog To Be The Best Man At His Wedding.

Everyone knows that a man’s best buddy is his dog. But they may be more than that; they can be your best guy.

That was the case for one soldier and his beloved service dog, who had such an unbreakable attachment that he wanted to include his dog in a particular manner on his wedding day.

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Posted by Gabe II Memorial Page on Saturday, 3 October 2015

Justin Lansford is a veteran of the United States Army from Silver Spring, Maryland. He was sent to Afghanistan as a paratrooper in 2012 and was injured in an accident.

They hit an IED, and it completely flipped his truck, Justin said. He had bilaterally severed femurs, leading to the amputation of his left leg.

However, while recuperating in the hospital, Justin was presented with a chance that would transform his life. Warrior Canine Connections matches injured military members with assistance dogs.

Justin was matched with Gabe, a golden retriever.

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Gabe was vital in assisting Justin in readjusting when he lost his leg.

The less he uses his wheelchair, the more he requires his help with smaller tasks, and the more he is there, Justin said. Knowing that has been very reassuring.

He helps him with one item after another. As he walks to and from the ground, he may depend on him for support. If he falls, he’ll come up behind him, and he can use him to push off to get back up.

Gabe, on the other hand, did more than merely assist him. He soon established himself as a source of emotional support and companionship.

Since day one, they’ve been joined at the hip, Justin said. He’s there for him all day, every day.

Not only did the dog have an influence on Justin, but also on his longtime girlfriend Carol, who worked with Warrior Canine Connections and was aware of their close bond.


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One think one has to make certain that a support dog is always happy and that they’ll love the person they’re with forever, Carol said. Gabe was wiggling, crying, and rolling on the floor the second Justin walked into the room when they met.

So it seemed only natural for Gabe to be there for Justin and Carol’s wedding in 2015.

While some individuals have their dogs serve as ring bearers or just as guests, Justin wished his beloved dog to be by his side on his wedding day and granted him the title of best man.

Hustin said that his beloved dog goes everywhere he goes. He’s always there to console him emotionally when he need it. What makes the wedding any different?

The bride had no problems to Justin’s unconventional decision.

Justin and Gabe go everywhere together, so their wedding didn’t appear like it should be any different, Carol said. He is an important part of their lives and deserves to be present with them.

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Posted by Gabe II Memorial Page on Friday, 23 October 2015

It was really cool to have his loving dog right there by him, Justin remarked.

He doesn’t think there was a dry eye in the house at that point. Throughout the ceremony, there was a continuous ‘aww’.

You want the people who have supported you the most to be there for your wedding because it is a very special day.

Gabe’s being at the center of their big day feels only natural.

The story demonstrates how profound our interactions with animals can be. They are sometimes more than simply pets; they are our dearest friends.

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