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Ree Drummond’s Loving Words for Son Jamar on His 21st Birthday

The Pioneer Woman star, 54, paid homage to Jamar on Instagram on Saturday to mark his 21st birthday.

“Today is October 7, otherwise known as Jamar’s birthday, and I hope these photos give you a little glimpse into his personality and presence,” Ree wrote beside a snapshot of Jamar alone, as well as shots of him with his two brothers, Bryce and Todd.

“With Jamar, there’s a whole universe going on in that mind and heart and soul of his. It’s a beautiful thing to behold, she added, before adding that she wonders, like she does with all her children, what Jamar will be doing in the future.

“I can’t wait to watch his future unfold. I know it will be filled with good things. I love you, Jamar!! ❤️🥳,” Ree finished the caption.

Jamar became a member of the Drummond family in 2018 when Ree and her husband Ladd took on the role of foster parents.

Ree originally kept the specifics of her fifth kid private, but in her book, Frontier Follies, she ultimately spoke out about her connection with Jamar.

She said that fostering a kid was never something Ladd pursued or felt called to do, but Jamar’s situation presented itself to them in a way they couldn’t ignore. Long story short, all six foot five inches of him showed up at their house one afternoon, bag in hand, ready to move in.

He became a member of the family, she added, when he was in an accident on one of their all-terrain vehicles, which badly injured his foot and required a skin graft and necessary tendon repair surgery.

Jamar’s accident, while awful, did wind up having an unexpected effect for their newly modified family: It forced all of them to get pretty darn close, and fast, she said, adding that she changed his foot bandages and gave him medicine while her husband drove him to his doctor’s visits. Meanwhile, her boys assisted him in getting around.

They were all up in Jamar’s business, and if any of them had been hesitant to interact and get to know one another, his wounds swiftly tore down those walls and gave them all a reason to come together. Jamar needed to trust them, Ree stated.

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