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Ryan Reynolds Opens Up About His ‘Irrational Love’ for ‘ALF’ as He Brings Back Out-of-This-World ’80s Sitcom

Ryan Reynolds has brought ALF back to Earth!

In partnership with ALF creator Paul Fusco and Shout! Studios, the Deadpool 3 actor is recreating the popular ’80s comedy via his Maximum Effort Channel. It will debut on July 29 as the channel’s first “Maximum Moments” series, with vintage ALF episodes airing with shorts advertising sponsored products such as Mint Mobile, Fubo, Hims, MNTN, and Ring.

The 46-year-old actor claimed that his childhood obsession with ALF was a contributing factor to the idea.

Reynolds added that they love taking risks and blurring the lines between shows and sponsorship at Maximum Effort since they think both can be highly entertaining. Aside from his irrational childhood love of ALF, one of the reasons they licensed this show was because Paul, Shout! Studios, and their intrepid brand partners were eager to plot with them to bring ALF back to life.

Maximum Effort’s ALF “Caturday” Marathon—named after the character’s never-satisfied appetite for felines—will include vintage ALF episodes, ALF-starring shorts focusing on sponsored material, and Maximum Effort’s Podcats: The Pawdcast. Reynolds shared a teaser of the show as part of the announcement. ALF and Eric, who seem to be an homage to Baby Eric from the original series, promote different goods and services in the video.

“It’s Henry again, from two blocks over,” ALF says, as he watches a cat video on his phone. “With Ring, I can see who’s at the door before I answer it. Apparently, he finds the classic ‘ding-dong ditch’ to be hilarious.”

Later in the video, ALF signs them up for Fubo, which he describes as “the best of cable, the best of streaming,” and continues to cut all the cables in the home, including “the TV, a few lamps, and the garden hose, just to be safe.”

He then switches on the television and watches an old footage of himself from the ’80s show. “Whoa!” he exclaims. “Who is that handsome devil?!”

From 1986 through 1990, NBC broadcast ALF. It followed the main character, whose acronym stands for “Alien Life Form” but whose real name is Gordon Shumway, when he crashed into the Tanner family’s suburban home’s garage. Paul Fusco, a puppeteer and co-author of the series with Tom Patchett, created the classic act.

Warner Bros. said in 2018 that it was in the early stages of developing a reboot. But after failing to locate a home for the project, the plans were terminated later that year. Shout! Factory announced in February that it had purchased the rights to ALF and would be creating new related material.

ALF is now available to watch on Peacock and Amazon Prime.

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