People have slammed McDonald’s for being ‘unaffordable’ after seeing how much a Big Mac meal costs.

Many individuals take solace in realizing that they can eat lunch at McDonald’s without breaking the bank, thanks to its attractive menu and distinctive yellow arches.

It’s a popular choice for families and a wonderful alternative while you’re on the road, but one hungry customer was taken aback when he saw a McDonald’s at a rest station on the southbound side of I-95 in Darien, Connecticut.

The customer, Sam Learner, turned to Twitter to post images of the menu, which included popular items such as the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, McNuggets, and Filet-O-Fish.

Where you may expect to spend less than $10 for a lunch, Leaner’s picture featured a Big Mac meal with fries and a drink for $17.59 (£13.69).

A quarter-pound sandwich with cheese cost $17.99 (£14), while adding bacon raised the price to $18.99 (£14.78).

For aficionados of McDonald’s chicken alternatives, a 10-piece McNugget meal was priced at $18.29 (£14.23), while a McCrispy was priced at $17.99.

The learner commented after witnessing the pricing, “This was at a rest stop, but these McDonald’s prices are nuts right???”

Many other Twitter users were astounded by the costs, with one saying, “That cannot be right.”

Another called the price ‘outrageous,’ while a third said, “This has to be a mistake.” Perhaps the $1 was inserted by mistake. At the very least, I hope.”

“Quick food!” Is it not a restaurant? “And to be honest, I’m not even sure if I pay that much for a restaurant meal!” one surprised individual remarked, implying the food was expensive as they continued: “Inflation is going to kill us who live right around the poverty line.” “I’m ashamed to be an American.”

A McDonald’s takeaway site revealed that pricing was usually expensive throughout, with a Sausage Egg Cheese Bagel Meal offered for $19.39 (£15.09).

Though it is undeniably expensive, McDonald’s website states that pricing at its restaurants varies by area since 90 percent are “independently owned and operated by franchisees, who have the ability to set their own prices.”

McDonald’s stated that, although outside consultants assist in providing pricing comparisons and insights, menu prices are eventually at the discretion of franchisees and may vary by area.

The corporation also said that the rates at the shop in Learner’s photographs include specific charges related to operating restaurants on the Connecticut Turnpike.

Many Twitter users have pointed out that Darien, Connecticut, is a rich town, which means that its costs are likely to be higher overall.

“This is a rest stop in Darien, Connecticut, which is arguably the richest town in the country.” “Yes, McD’s is expensive there, but so is everything else,” one individual said.

The learner then updated his post to say he’d done ‘a little investigation’ and discovered that the Darien location may have been ‘the country’s most costly McDonald’s,’ according to the website Pantry and Larder.

The general rising cost of living, which has an impact on both food costs and the cost of bills, may have recently influenced prices.

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