Teen Dies While Attempting to Save Younger Brother from California River: ‘My Son Died a Hero,’ Father Says.

After dying while attempting to rescue his younger brother from a raging river, a California teenager is being remembered for his great heart and courageous efforts.

According to the Sacramento Fire Department (SFD), the adolescent and two other people entered the Sacramento River on Sunday to retrieve a football.

Shortly thereafter, Amari, 15, observed his 13-year-old brother Elijah struggling in the water and sought to save him.

According to the article, the boys’ mom, Yolanda Sashe, claimed she went in the water in the hopes of saving both of her kids. She made it to Amari but was unable to rescue him.

She looked down at him, then up, and she felt his hands drop, she said. Something came along and pulled him away from her, and he was gone.

A nearby boater assisted two of the three swimmers to safety, but one of the victims was dragged under. The corpse of the missing adolescent was eventually discovered in the water using sonar technology.

The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office identified the victim as Amari Quarles, according to internet documents.

His son died a hero, as his father, James Sashe, posted on a GoFundMe page put up on the family’s behalf.

According to his father, Amari just relocated to California “to be closer to family.” He went on to say that the adolescent was a straight A student at Natomas High School.

The Natomas Unified School District remembered Amari in a Facebook post that included a link to the family’s GoFundMe page. On Sunday, NUSD lost one of their pupils, the district said in a statement. It’s a terrible tragedy, and the family could use some assistance.

The Sacramento River may be rough this time of year owing to high water levels, chilly water temperatures, and the current, SFD Captain Justin Sylvia stated.

Rescue swimmers had to rotate quite often while looking for the missing adolescent in the ocean, according to Sylvia. It gets extremely exhausting when one is out there searching for someone and trying to swim in that current, he continued.

Over $17,000 has been raised for the family as of Wednesday morning.

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