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This real-life Rapunzel has 90-inch flowing brown hair that brushes the ground behind her.

Aliia Nasyrova, 33, claimed it took her two decades to grow her hair to the length of her favorite fairy tale princess, Rapunzel’s, which grew to a breathtaking 90 inches.

She began growing her hair since she had always wanted long hair since she was a kid. And she was always drawn to long-haired heroines from fairy tales, said the Latvian-born lady, who adds that she’s a very long-haired model as well as a queen of extraordinarily long hair!

On her website, which provides exclusive material to paying followers, Nasyrova says she dreams of traveling the world, seeking long-haired girls, telling about them, and displaying this beauty, which she regards as an art.

The long-haired beauty’s art is a high-maintenance masterpiece, needing an hour of daily washing, a day of air drying, and her hair has its own day bag, filled with 22 pounds of liquids, including shampoo, conditioner, and other hair accessories, when she leaves the house.

She also uses a yoga mat to do hair workouts on her beautiful brown locks.

Ivan Balaban, Nasroya’s husband, stated he admires her beautiful brown locks but tries to keep them out of her hair.

He is always cuddling up the wall to give more space for hair, so there is no way he could hurt it unintentionally, mix them up, or destroy it in any other way, he said in a 2017 interview.

He always speaks gently to the braid and sometimes begs it to move a little.

Having hair long enough to sweep the ground behind you might be difficult at times.

Once in her childhood, when she was in the theater, someone left gum in her hair, and it was a tragedy, Nasyrova said. She had to cut a clump of hair out to remove this gum, as it was so stubborn.

Despite having astonishingly long hair, Nasyrova does not hold the record for the longest hair.

According to Guinness World Records (GWR), China’s Xie Qiuping, who began growing her hair at the age of 13 in 1973, set a record with her hair rising length of 18 ft 5 in.

Her hair is almost as long as an adult male giraffe is tall.

We can all agree that hair maintenance is difficult enough, so we admire Alia Nasyrova’s perseverance and commitment in cultivating her lovely long locks!

What are your thoughts on very long hair? Is that something you think you could handle, or do you like your hair to be a more manageable length?

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