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Under one condition, Adele agreed to purchase Stallone’s $58 million LA mansion.

In the event that Sylvester Stallone’s Los Angeles property didn’t include an iconic piece of furniture, Adele was prepared to back out of the deal.

Stallone said that he intended to move the “Rocky” monument that stands guard over his Los Angeles swimming pool when he sold his house last year. According to reports, Adele bought the house from Stallone, but the statue had to go with it.

That is not acceptable. That’s going to ruin the entire thing, Adele said, according to Stallone.

When Stallone returned, he allowed Adele to retain the Rocky Balboa statue. He said that he likes what she’s doing, she’s making it gorgeous.

After the first “Rocky” movie was released in 1976, the series gained widespread recognition. Stallone was nominated for best actor in “Rocky” and went on to win three Oscars for the role. After repeating his role as Rocky Balboa in the spinoff “Creed,” Stallone received a nomination for best supporting actor in 2016.

Adele paid $58 million for the house. The house in Beverly Hills’ famous neighborhood is said to include eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms.

In addition to other luxuries, the house has a screening room, a cigar room with a bespoke bar, an eight-stall garage, an infinity pool, a jacuzzi, and an art studio.

According to the source, Stallone bought the property in 1994 and then constructed the house on the 3.5-acre plot.

Adele posted a photo of herself and her NBA agent boyfriend, Rich Paul, smiling in front of their new house on Instagram in May. The picture showed the duo grinning broadly as Paul held a set of keys.

In February 2022, the singer of “Chasing Pavements” took out an almost $38 million mortgage on the property. According to reports, Stallone referred to the home as “the house that ‘Rocky’ built.”

Adele’s 30-year mortgage payments would cost $227,000 per month, including property taxes and a 5% interest rate.

Since this is Adele’s fourth house in Los Angeles, the price definitely isn’t a concern for the 34-year-old singer. The musician has a net worth of about $183 million.

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