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Woman seen ‘chatting on phone’ in 1938 footage that ‘proves time travel exists’

In an incredible sight, a lady was seen pretending to use a cell phone in a 1930s movie.

The clip has persuaded tinfoil-hat-wearing internet users that it is evidence of time travel, but others who don’t spend their time reading esoteric forums are skeptical.

An eerie film from 1938 shows a lady dressed in historical garb going through a throng while seeming to talk into a device she’s holding to her ear. Check out the video below:

The group seemed to be exiting a factory building. in the clip, which originally surfaced on the internet in 2013.

Planetcheck, a YouTuber, stated at the time of posting that the lady in the video was their aunt Gertude Jones.

Planetcheck wrote about a decade ago, according to Yahoo: “She was 17 years old [when the video was filmed]. I asked her about this video, and she remembers it quite clearly.

“She says Dupont had a telephone communications section in the factory. They were experimenting with wireless telephones. Gertrude and five other women were given these wireless phones to test out for a week.

“Gertrude is talking to one of the scientists holding another wireless phone who is off to her right as she walks by.”

Although the accusations were reported on by a few major news sites, they were never completely validated; however, Planetcheck’s account of events appears a lot more believable than time travel.

While we’re on the subject of time travel, we’d like to direct your attention to this 1860 picture by Ferdinand George Waldmüller, which some claim is evidence of time travel because the young lady in the painting looks to be clutching an iPhone.

The artwork portrays a peaceful scenario of a young lady engaged in what seems to be a book, while a young guy stands nearby, preparing to present her with a flower.

After seeing the artwork, former local Glasgow Government official Peter Russell told Vice that no one could fail to see the similarity to the scene of a teenage girl immersed in social media on their smartphone.

Russell went on to say that what strikes him most is how much a change in technology has influenced the understanding of the painting and, in a way, leveraged its entire context.

Still, it doesn’t get much better than this for conspiracy theory material.

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