Woman Spends Over £35,000 On Extreme ‘Demonic’ Body Transformation.

A lady who has had several body alterations and tattoos claims she has spent more than £35,000 honing her distinctive appearance.

Kierstyn Milligan, 24, has gone all out with her drastic makeover, sporting fanged teeth, a split tongue, and tattoos covering her whole body, even her eyes. You didn’t want to go for the pain-free option with some zapping, did you?

In her drive to build her dream physique, the OnlyFans model and tattoo artist from Houston, Texas, US, has also had breast surgery and Lipo 360, and she believes she isn’t done yet.

Kierstyn received her first tattoo when she was 14 years old, and she claims that although she was initially apprehensive, her family and friends now appreciate and adore her unconventional body modifications.

Strangers on the street, on the other hand, had conflicting responses, with some approaching her and wanting pictures and others telling her she looked “demonic.”

And, although some individuals are worried about the stigma associated with tattoos, Kierstyn is unconcerned.

The reactions she has gotten since she began expressing her journey online have been 50/50 love and hate, but she simply cannot let it get to her, Kierstyn said.

Most individuals assume she is demonic since she doesn’t have a family or money. They imposed all of these preconceptions on her, and she rejected them all.

Most individuals in the public react positively and wish to take pictures with her, but she sometimes gets an ugly look.

Her family and friends are very encouraging of anything she desires to do, but they were surprised at first and are now used to it.

Kierstyn went on to say that with all the work she’s done, she has altered her body in many ways. She has tattoos on her eyes, a split tongue, fanged teeth, Lipo 360, and two breast augmentations.

She has spent about £35,000 on modifying herself

And the greatest agony she’s endured for the purpose of her bodily modifications?

The most painful alteration was her tongue being split, she said. It makes getting inked appear like a piece of cake.

Kierstyn, I’ll take your word for it. However, while her overall appearance may seem somewhat extreme to you and me, Kierstyn is far from finished and is already planning further operations and tattoos for the future.

She stated that she intends to tattoo more of her body and perhaps undergo additional surgeries.

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