14-Year-Old Kansas Runaway Takes Her Own Life in Deputy’s Presence After Declining to Go Back Home

On the evening of Saturday, September 16, a 14-year-old girl shot herself to death in front of a nearby deputy sheriff.

In Aurora, Kansas, Jaylee Chillson was at an outdoor gathering after escaping her house earlier in the day.

When the Cloud County Sheriff’s Office learned that the child had escaped, a deputy set out to find her and try to bring her back.

Once the deputy had the girl in his possession, he attempted to persuade her to go back home, but she pulled a gun and shot herself as a result.

According to a news statement from the Cloud County Sheriff Department, “a deputy responded to the outdoor field party that was attended by college and high school students, occurring near 210th R. and Lark Rd. in Aurora.”

The deputy found Chillson, and he escorted her to his patrol vehicle, according to the police department. She then drew a gun and shot herself. The deputies’ statement added, The deputy did not pull his weapon.

Despite the deputy’s and an off-duty firefighter’s efforts to save the girl’s life, she was declared dead at the site just after midnight.

Numerous party guests also saw Chillson’s death, in addition to the deputy who was there.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation was enlisted by the Cloud County Sheriff’s Office to help with a death investigation that would guarantee impartiality since their deputy was present during the shooting.

It was noted in Chillson’s obituary that she was born in Manhattan, Kansas. She loved playing baseball, and it was “another favorite activity” of hers, along with fishing, camping, and hunting. In addition, Chillson cherished semi-truck rides with her father and aspired to work with diesel engines. Her parents, four brothers, and four grandparents all remain.

This week, a GoFundMe campaign was created to collect money for Chillson’s memorial ceremony.

According to the GoFundMe website, one’s contribution, no matter how small, will reduce their financial burden and let them concentrate on recovering after this devastating loss. Please give now to support this bereaved family. One’s generosity will support them on this harrowing journey and pay tribute to Jaylee’s memory.

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