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2 Infants Found Dead In Garbage In Cleveland.

Police in Cleveland, Ohio, have begun a murder inquiry after two newborns were discovered dead in a trash can.

According to public documents made accessible by the Cleveland Division of Police, they were dead when authorities discovered them Saturday night. The reason and manner of death were not disclosed.

Preliminary evidence suggests that the mother of the child, a 16-year-old female, had given birth to the babies days earlier, police said in a statement.

The mother has not been identified by the police.

According to a police incident record, the discovery was made when a caller reported that their daughter, who had just given birth, “threw the babies in the garbage.”

According to the record, the caller said that their daughter had not realized she was pregnant.

The adolescent was rushed to the hospital, but her condition was not disclosed.

Police and prosecutors did not answer to questions about whether the adolescent had been detained and jailed, and the local public defender’s office did not react quickly to a request for comment Monday.

Investigators will submit the details of this case to the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, according to the Cleveland Division of Police.

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