7-Year-Old Girl Suffers Serious Injuries in Truck Collision While Retrieving Ball from the Road

On Sunday, a 7-year-old Utah girl was critically wounded after being struck by a pickup vehicle while chasing a ball into the street.

According to St. George Police, officers went to the vicinity of 900 South Morningside Drive at 8 p.m. local time for a traffic collision involving injuries.

The girl, Emery Burrows, was struck by the vehicle after she “kicked a soccer ball into the roadway,” according to authorities. “She ran out to grab the ball and was struck by a pickup truck,” the agency continued, saying that Emery “was found to have suffered significant injuries” and was sent to a nearby hospital.

“The driver of the truck remained on scene and cooperated with the investigation,” police said.

Emery was playing soccer with her brother in their front yard when the ball dropped in the road, according to her family.

According to accounts, the 7-year-old then waited until the road was free, but she didn’t see the vehicle approaching. The motorist is a neighbor who also did not notice her.

The 7-year-old’s aunt, Kate Story, expressed that it was one of those things where one thought, ‘Oh, it’s not really Emery’s fault.'”It’s not this guy’s fault,'”. “It’s just a tragedy.”

Emery’s injuries are “life-threatening,” with a skull fracture that went from “ear to ear,” creating a brain hemorrhage. According to the sources, the youngster also required surgery after her right tibia was seriously wounded.

Her aunt, on the other hand, said that she is making improvements. She’s doing amazing for her little body and the trauma that it has endured.

Emery was able to utter a few words after being taken off sedation and able to breathe on her own by Monday night, according to the site. However, her family claims she is still in and out of awareness.

Emery’s aunt described her as “fierce,” and her mother, Trit Borrowman, requested prayers in an update on her daughter’s GoFundMe page. She is such a fighter and the most courageous little girl she’ve ever met, she said in her letter. Please pray for her tiny girl to make complete recovery so she can get back to dancing, playing soccer and loving on her puppies.

Please also pray for her neighbor, who hit her, that he and his wife will be able to recover from this tragedy, Borrowman wrote.

More than $9,000 had been collected as of Wednesday morning with the purpose of addressing associated expenditures resulting from the collision.

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