Virginia Mother Formally Sentenced to 78 Years for Murdering Her Two Daughters in a Vengeful Plot Against Her Ex-Partner

A Virginia woman was sentenced to 78 years in prison six months after her March conviction for murdering her two kids in what prosecutors claimed was an act of vengeance against her ex-husband.

Veronica Youngblood, 38, was arrested in 2018 after she shot her daughters, Brooklynn Youngblood, 5, and Sharon Castro, 15. Before passing away in the hospital, the adolescent was able to contact 911 and report that her mom had shot her.

The jurors were shown a video of the teen’s 911 call, which left several of them so shaken that they sought trauma counseling.

According to authorities, Youngblood informed officers that her goal was to murder her kids and then shoot herself. She intended to take vengeance on her ex-husband, who was set to relocate to Missouri with Brooklynn the next weekend.

According to prosecutors, Youngblood gave her girls melatonin-laced gummies before shooting them in their beds on the night of the deaths.

Youngblood then contacted her ex-husband and left a voicemail in which she expressed her hatred for him and admitted to the murders.

Youngblood told the court via a Spanish translator before her sentence that she has been a good mother, but something occurred; she does not know how to explain it.

She went on to say that something exploded in her mind.

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