A 12-year-old kid graduates from university with five degrees.

A 12-year-old child in California has done something that most people only accomplish in their twenties.

Clovis Hung has graduated from university with not one, but five degrees.

Despite his mother homeschooling him, he was still able to join hundreds of his peers in celebrating graduation.

While some of us are still dealing with the beginning of puberty and preparing to enter high school, Clovis was already cramming.

After watching Jack Rico enroll and finish with four degrees at the age of 13, he was encouraged to attend Fullerton College.

Clovis has broken that record, becoming Fullerton’s youngest graduate ever.

He has an Associate of Arts degree in History, Social Sciences, Social Behavior and Self-Development, Arts and Human Expression, and Science and Mathematics.

Fullerton University offers a unique option that enables students to attend college while still finishing their homeschool education.

Clovis and his mother were initially suspicious of his ability to balance college life with his schoolwork at home.

But he soon adjusted, and it paid off big time.

After that first history class, he realized he could handle it and fell in love with college life. As a result, he challenged himself to take more classes, Clovis said.

The first question professors and classmates generally ask is how old he is, he continued.

They constantly marvel at what he is doing here and are always interested in the points of his quizzes and exams.

However, after a while, he began to take his studies seriously; they all believed in his capacity and desire to succeed.

Some of his tutors shared his doubts, believing it would be too much for a 12-year-old to be around grownups.

But according to biology professor Kenneth Collins, such concerns were quickly dispelled.

Initially, he was concerned about how he would interact with the other pupils because of the age and developmental differences, but those worries were unfounded, he added.

Clovis has been an excellent blend of ‘child’ and college student. He is mature enough that the other students take him seriously, but still young enough that they look after him like a younger brother and encourage him.

Clovis’ mother, Song Choi, describes her son as super curious, mature, careful, self-disciplined, and extremely determined.

She removed him from normal school after realizing they could not fulfill his curiosity.

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