After being kicked out of prom for not wearing a dress, a teen chooses to speak up.

B Hayes, eighteen, went up to their prom in a suit but was unable to go. Hayes, who uses the pronouns he/them, attended Nashville Christian School in Tennessee.

According to the high school senior, they were pressured to conform to societal ideals of femininity. They thought it was unjust that they couldn’t attend a prom at a school they had attended for almost a decade, and they wouldn’t accept no for an answer.

Hayes held a sign outside the event that stated, “They would not let me in because I am in a suit.” They then posted a selfie of themselves with the sign on Instagram, stating, “I have been attending Nashville Christian School for 13 years. My senior prom was today, and I wasn’t allowed in the doors because I was wearing a suit.”

Hayes’ story went viral, and numerous business owners wanted to help the kid fight back against what the school had done to them.

Hayes’ story went viral, garnering over 23,000 likes and 2,000 comments. It also found its way to several corporate suppliers, including Derek and Marcie Allen Van Mol, proprietors of the Nashville event venue AB Hillsboro Village.

Van Mol called Hayes and asked if they wanted to do a small prom with 25 of their closest friends. The company owner saw the pupils’ distress at being displaced and wished to do something special for them. Van Mol said that at the end of the day, it’s about doing what’s right, and B got slighted.

Allison Holley, one of Van Mol’s friends, set up a GoFundMe page after seeing Hayes’ messages and collected almost $29,000 to help Hayes put on her dream prom.

The funds earned were used to arrange Hayes’ “ultimate” prom, and the remainder was given to charities of their choosing, including Inclusion Tennessee and Oasis Center.

Holley was drawn to Hayes’ case as she believed that being barred from settings due to how one decided to portray oneself was a problem that needed to be addressed. She said that she was naively unaware that they were still having dress code problems like this in 2023.

What began as an Instagram post resulted in Van Mol and his wife getting over 1,000 letters from merchants who wanted to be a part of what has now become a movement. Tone Stith, an exclusive RCA recording artist, performed at the new prom.

Hayes added extra bling and glamour to their wardrobe for the upcoming prom. They donned a rainbow-colored sequin floor-length cloak over their black suit.

Hayes thanked everyone who helped make their fantasy prom a reality.

The responses to their post were likewise overwhelmingly positive. Individuals pushed Hayes to maintain their positive attitude since it would continue to push limits and transform the world.

Commenters praised the pupils for defying the rules and credited their mother for assisting Hayes in standing up for themselves.

Instagram users were pleased to see a young person advocating for change. Despite the fact that they thought the situation was “ridiculous,” they urged Hayes to keep wearing suits.

Nashville Christian School is a coed private school that serves students ages six to twelve. It is also a school with biblical ideas that advise pupils on how to show themselves and behave.

These guidelines are founded on the following principles, according to the school’s online handbook: “Identity — God created us as male or female, and we will live consistently with the gender God chose for us.”

In terms of dress requirements, the school said, “All students should choose banquet attire that is appropriate for modesty and consistent with the Biblical principles to guide student behavior and the Nashville Christian School statement of faith.”

The school also claimed that the kids signed agreements and were aware of the requirements when they enrolled. The clothing requirements outlined in the guidebook also apply to school-sponsored activities.

The Nashville private school announced that if pupils did not follow these regulations, they would be barred from attending any activities. This also regards sexual identities, which means that pupils of the same gender cannot attend a school function as dates.

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