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Texas Man Shares His Girlfriend Cheating Moment, Takes It ‘Like A Boss’

When Duston Holloway stepped into his bedroom and saw his girlfriend passed out drunk in bed with another guy, he had an unusual response. The no-nonsense Texan pulled out his camera, shot a few photographs, even taking a selfie in front of them, and proceeded straight to social media.

He documented the deception by posting photographs on Facebook that plainly showed his girlfriend sleeping next to a strange, shirtless male. “When you come home to find another man in your bed with the one you loved!” Holloway wrote the captions for the photos. “Good men deserve good women,” the 23-year-old from Emory, Texas, continued.

Naturally, the photographs drew the attention of other social media users, one of whom questioned Holloway about whether he woke his girlfriend’s new boyfriend after snapping the photos. Holloway said that he intended to “kick his a**,” but added that he simply took selfies and walked like a boss lol.

He did tap her to wake her up, Holloway said, but she was drunk as a skunk and passed out. He continued, clearly not losing his sense of humor, that he was going to ask if he was going to have to sleep in the spare bedroom and what kind of breakfast the dude liked.

The disturbing post rapidly went viral, with hundreds of people across the globe offering Duston words of support, applauding him for being calm in the face of such a frightening and unpleasant event. He had thousands of messages; thousands upon thousands of people from all over the world congratulated him on being a better man and walking away, Holloway said in a subsequent post.

He has pride and respect, he added in response to the encouragement he got. He went on to say that he was astounded at how this had turned out, noting that the day he shot the images, he felt his world had fallen apart. He was devastated to ever witness anything like that, he said, adding that with the amount of encouragement from Facebook and family and friends, he wanted to personally thank each and every one.

Then he imparted a lesson that we can all learn from. The world ain’t as bad as one thinks, he added. He remarked that he understood that good people deserve the best, adding that the conclusion of the case had officially amazed him. But there’s no point in bashing someone who is down, he said. It was wrong; it sucked, but being a better individual is always the best option. THE BEST FEELING IS WHEN SOMEONE APPRECIATES EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU THAT SOMEONE TOOK FOR GRANTED, he said confidently.

Dustin’s post gained thousands of likes in a matter of days, with many social media users chiming in to express their love for the guy. “Dustin you’re a handsome young man. Any women would be proud to have you as their ‘man.’ You showed respect by not beating up this man all cozy in your bed with your girl!” wrote one commenter. “It take’s a man to walk away.”

“Honestly, guy, fantastic work. I would have blown up and woken them both awake. It’s incredible how you held your calm and got your retribution. “Best of luck, man!” Another of the hundreds of responses said, “I am so happy to see there are still good men in this world.” Everyone can have hope! Remember, it takes a stronger person to walk away, and you demonstrated that!”

I’d scream and holler if I discovered my lover in bed with someone else. So, despite the misery that the sight must have caused, the betrayed lover held his fury in control so effectively that he didn’t even disturb the cheaters from their sleep.

It’s difficult to keep calm, cool, and collected in a bad circumstance, but if Duston Holloway could do it in his own bed, we can all do it no matter what life throws at us. It takes a great person to just walk away. It’s typically the smarter person as well, since we all know Duston would have faced serious legal ramifications if he had instead opted to punch the promiscuous couple.

As difficult as it is to see someone going through difficult times, it is equally amazing to witness them reaching deep within themselves to rise above their circumstances and handle the issue like a boss. “Don’t Give Up,” one Facebook user advised Duston Holloway. Everything is in God’s hands… “He’s Got A Plan For You.” Whatever that strategy is, one thing is certain: the world could use more Dustons and less ladies like the one he left behind.

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