After suffering from flu-like symptoms, a 14-year-old boy was forced to have his hands and legs amputated.

Mathias Uribe from Tennessee in the US visited the doctor twice in the middle of June after being “ill with flu-like symptoms.”

He had to be sent to the emergency department at the end of June, and his parents’ “world fell apart.”

His ‘heart stopped’ and he had cardiac arrest, according to Mathias’ parents, who reported this on June 30.

On the GoFundMe page his parents created for the 14-year-old, they wrote that he required life-saving assistance and was airlifted to two separate hospitals. He was identified as having both streptococcal toxic shock syndrome and pneumonia.

A uncommon but dangerous bacterial illness is streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (STSS). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that STSS may swiftly progress to low blood pressure, organ failure, and even death.

Later, the 14-year-old was taken to the ICU at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and put on an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine, which is a kind of life support.

Mathias’ parents said that they were told he was the sickest child admitted at the time.

After 20 days of “intense treatment,” Mathias’ health gradually got better, but his parents were informed that “his extremities had been compromised.”

Sadly, Mathias’ left leg had to be amputated below the knee on June 21 due to the “hard choice” that his limbs “didn’t receive enough blood flow.”

His right leg was severed below the knee four days later, and his left leg was removed once again, this time above the knee.

Mathias had both of his hands amputated above the wrist on August 1.

The decision to amputate Mathias, 14,’s hands and lower legs, caused his parents to experience a “whirlwind of emotions,” they said.

But they said that they take comfort in the fact that this choice was taken after thorough deliberation and consultation with medical experts who have his best interests in mind. Although the path ahead will definitely be difficult, they are confident that their son’s operation will open the door to a better future.

The perseverance and fortitude of their son have always served as an example to them all. He has consistently shown bravery in the face of hardship, and they have no doubt that he will do so throughout this trip. His steadfast attitude and tenacity are an inspiration to them, and they have no doubt that they will help him overcome the obstacles that lie ahead.

His father expressed that he told him they were going to be their arms and legs until they sorted all of this out.

To assist in funding Mathias’ medical treatment, which “will include therapies, interventions, and prosthetics,” a GoFundMe page has been created.

The parents of the 14-year-old said, at this time, they politely need one’s support, love, and prayers. Mathias will definitely find comfort and strength in one’s words of support and good vibes as he gets ready for this life-altering operation. Let’s unite in love and compassion as a community to support him and his family through this trying time.

Additionally, they wish to express their sincere thanks to the outstanding medical staff who will be assisting them during this procedure. They are very appreciative of their ongoing support and thankful for their knowledge, concern, and devotion. Together, they can give him the resolve he needs to face any challenge that comes his way. Let’s be the stronghold of support he needs at this difficult time, reassuring him of our unending love for him.

Mathias’ GoFundMe has now raised $255,338 out of its $500,000 goal as of the time of writing.

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