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Texan Teen Triumphs as Homecoming King a Year Following a Traumatic Brain Injury on the Football Field

One year after suffering catastrophic injuries in a football-related incident, a Texas high school football player was named homecoming king.

Cooper Reid suffered a catastrophic head injury while participating in the homecoming football game at Troup High School on September 9, 2022. Reid suffered traumatic brain damage as a consequence of the event.

Friday’s 2023 homecoming game saw Reid return to the field, where he was subsequently proclaimed homecoming king in front of his peers. Cooper’s mother, Susanne Reid, considered it “blessed” to be by her son’s side while the neighborhood honored him.

She also said in an interview that the community’s support during the previous year has been consistently “amazing.” She stated that they are very lucky to be a part of a community that stands by its people, loves one another, and is faithful and kind.

All of the messages, texts, phone calls, and meals that have occurred have been motivating for them. They now have hope, she said. They just feel very blessed and grateful.

Following the incident on the pitch, Cooper spent a lot of time in hospitals during the last year. As he strives to rehabilitate, he has also received a ton of physical therapy.

Susanne said, they will simply keep working day in and day out and maintain our attention on what’s ahead rather than what’s behind them.

According to reports, Cooper has re-enrolled in school, and his family is hopeful that he will be able to graduate with his peers.

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