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Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter attends a Duran Duran concert with her father, Larry Birkhead, to celebrate Father’s Day.

On Father’s Day, Larry Birkhead was joined by his daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead.

The 50-year-old, who had Dannielynn with his late wife, Anna Nicole Smith, finished off the annual holiday festivities on Sunday with a trip to Sunrise, Florida, to watch Duran Duran perform.

“Having a great Father’s Day with Dannielynn at the @duranduran concert,” Birkhead captioned a picture of the father-daughter combo beaming during the event on Instagram. “I’ve been trying to school her on good music way back when she was a baby.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!” he said. “Of course, we had to get here first because, well, I’m old.”

His post also featured a flashback picture of him and Dannielynn wearing headphones.

Larry and Dannielynn aren’t attending their first concert together. In July 2022, the two witnessed Janet Jackson perform in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dannielynn was seeing Jackson, 55, for the second time. Birkhead and Dannielynn went backstage after the event to meet the singer.

During the Kentucky Derby weekend in May, Dannielynn had a “private guitar lesson” from another music great, former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. Larry posted a video of Dannielynn performing a section of Michael Jackson’s 1989 song “Black Cat” with Sambora at her side.

Every year, Dannielynn and her dad go to the Kentucky Derby together. She paid homage to her late mother this year by wearing a black tulle skirt and shirt with pictures from Smith’s Guess ad to the 34th annual Barnstable Brown Kentucky Derby Eve Gala, a fundraiser for the University of Kentucky’s Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center. Larry met Smith at the event for the twentieth time this year.

Larry stated in May that the high school student is already considering universities. Dannielynn has shown an interest in studying forensics.

It’s one of those things where she’s just now dipping her toe into getting stuff, and individuals are mailing her things, Larry said of his daughter’s college hunt. And every time he gets something in the mail for college, he doesn’t know if he truly intends to give it to her since she might take them up on this offer and go somewhere to college.

It’s one of those things that all parents go through, Larry said. They don’t want their kids to go off, yet they understand they have to.

Although Dannielynn said that some of Smith’s clothing is “not my style,” he stated that his daughter is “generous like her mom.” He also has tight social media guidelines in place to keep the adolescent safe.

Dannielynn turned 16 in September, prompting Larry to post a collection of images from her life on Instagram. “Dannielynn is such a great kid, and she makes me so proud every day,” he said at the time. “I can’t believe she is old enough to drive! It seems like yesterday I was pushing her in a toy car!”

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