Passengers trapped in the Titanic sub have no way out until they are discovered.

The five people who went lost in a submersible in the Atlantic Ocean have no way out until officials find the vehicle.

Details regarding the missing Titan vessel are still emerging after officials lost communication with it around an hour and 45 minutes after it started its descent on Sunday, June 18.

The submersible, which had five people on board, dived below the water’s surface to investigate the Titanic catastrophe.

The undertaking is a part of an eight-day trip that tour operator OceanGate has planned, with tickets costing $250,000 (£195,000).

The high cost implies that not everybody will be able to afford a seat on the Titan, but CBS News journalist David Pogue, who has previously gone on an expedition using the Titan, produced a report on his trip in November.

Pogue talked about the Titan’s design again after it went missing, telling the BBC that neither GPS nor radio operate underwater, implying that rescuers on shore have no method of communicating with the ship if it’s still submerged.

When the support ship is directly over the sub, they can exchange short text messages. Those are obviously no longer receiving a response, Pogue stated.

Pogue thinks Titan has at least seven functions that can assist in bringing it to the surface, yet there is no remedy if it begins to leak or becomes stranded underwater.

There is no backup, no escape pod. Either get to the surface or die, he said.

Even if the crew is able to reach the surface, the passengers aboard the vessel have no method of opening it from the inside.

From the outside, the crew closes the hatch with 17 bolts. There are no other options, Pogue said in his November assessment.

Pogue elaborated, saying that there’s no way out, even if one rises the surface by oneself. One can’t get out of the submarine until someone on the outside lets one out.

Titan is said to have a 96-hour oxygen supply in case of an emergency, which means the clock is ticking if the passengers are stranded within.

It normally takes two hours to descend 12,500 feet below the surface to where the Titanic sits in a trench.

According to US Coast Guard Rear Admiral John Mauger, rescuers are ‘deploying all available assets’ to find the vessel.

“It is a remote area, and it is a challenge to conduct a search in that remote area,” he added.

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