Arby’s Sued After Manager Discovered Dead in Freezer

According to a lawsuit filed by her daughters, a lady who died in an Arby’s freezer “beat her hands bloody” attempting to escape.

Nguyet Le, 63, was locked inside a walk-in freezer while on an extended temporary assignment as general manager of an Arby’s restaurant in New Iberia, Louisiana, operated by Turbo Restaurants, a subsidiary of franchise management business Sun Holdings.

According to the complaint, her son Nguyen “tragically” found her dead when he arrived for work on May 11.

Le was dropped off at the place before any other staff arrived, which is how she ended up locked in the freezer.

The investigating officer reported that the inside of the freezer door had been bloodied, leading him to believe that Ms. Le was frightened once locked inside and beat her hands bloody attempting to escape or get someone’s attention, according to the complaint. Ultimately, she collapsed into a fetal position, face down, on the frozen floor.

According to the complaint, the firm’s policy is to maintain the freezer at least -10 degrees, “if not colder.”

According to the complaint, preliminary findings indicate that the cause of death was hypothermia. The actual cause of death has yet to be confirmed. Officials have already said “that foul play is not suspected,” according to the family’s lawyer in a press release.

The restaurant’s regional manager was reportedly aware of the damaged freezer lock, and thus, Turbo Restaurants had been aware of a highly hazardous situation at its restaurant since at least August 2022, according to the complaint.

Nevertheless, they behaved with deliberate indifference by not repairing the latch for nearly nine months. This was the actual and proximate cause of Ms. Le’s death, the complaint went on.

According to the complaint, employees were forced to use a screwdriver to unlock and shut the door, as well as a box of oil to hold it open.

According to the complaint, Le was a widow with four kids. Nguyen, Le’s oldest child, resided with her since he was somewhat disabled.

For gross negligence, the family is suing Turbo Restaurants, its franchise management business Sun Holdings, and Arby’s parent company, Inspire Brands. According to the complaint, they “demand” a jury trial and more than $1 million.

They are seeking all legal damages available to a wrongful death beneficiary, including loss of consortium, mental anguish, conscious pain and suffering, loss of support, and loss of love and affection.

In a statement, an Arby’s representative informed that they are aware of the unfortunate event that occurred at their franchised location in New Iberia, LA. The franchisee is fully collaborating with local authorities in their inquiry. They defer any additional remarks to the state police department since this is an ongoing inquiry.

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