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Bobby Flay Expresses Grief Over Cat Nacho’s Passing

Renowned chef Bobby Flay shared the heartbreaking news of the passing of his beloved 9-year-old cat, Nacho. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the Food Network chef expressed deep sorrow, stating that Nacho had peacefully passed away. Despite generally keeping private matters private, Flay felt compelled to share the news, emphasizing that Nacho held a special place in the hearts of many.

Flay, 58, reminisced about Nacho’s magical presence, recounting how the feline came into his life during a challenging period and brought continuous joy to his household. Accompanying the tribute was a photo of Nacho, an Orange Maine Coon cat, perched on Flay’s shoulder. The chef acknowledged the genuine communication between cat and owner and credited Nacho’s inclusive nature for inspiring the creation of Made by Nacho, a premium cat food.

Expressing solace in the idea that Nacho’s likeness and legacy would endure through his cat food brand, Flay encouraged pet owners to shower their animals with extra love in light of his loss. He concluded the post by urging people to give their pets an additional hug and asking for a short prayer for Nacho.

The post garnered condolences and support from friends and fans, including actress Danica McKellar and fellow celebrity chef Ina Garten. McKellar expressed sympathy for the loss of a pet, describing it as one of the most challenging experiences, while Garten commended Flay for providing Nacho with a wonderful life.

Nacho, who had an impressive following of 273,000 on his Instagram account, had captured hearts not only as a cherished pet but also as a food connoisseur. Flay described Nacho as doglike, highlighting his affectionate nature and the cat’s habit of following him around. The Maine Coon was known to be a culinary companion, enjoying treats while Flay cooked, and he is survived by his owner, Bobby Flay, human sister Sophie Flay, and cat sister Stella Flay.

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