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Bryan Cranston declares his retirement from acting in order to spend more time with his wife.

Bryan Cranston has stated his intention to retire from acting.

Over the last several decades, the 67-year-old has achieved enormous success, first as the patriarch in Malcolm in the Middle and then as ‘the one who knocks’ in Breaking Bad.

Since the conclusion of the successful AMC series, his career has taken off, with appearances in Godzilla, The Infiltrator, Your Honor, and Asteroid City.

Simply put, he’s been crushing it.

However, in an interview, the 67-year-old opened up about his life as a celebrity and what the future holds for him.

Cranston told the source that he has to spend some time with his wife, Robin, who he claims has been carrying the bag for him while he pursues his aspirations.

So, when he’s 70, Cranston will put his career on pause for a bit, close his production business, sell his part in Dos Hombres, and split.

He wishes to shift the paradigm once more, he said. Robin has spent the past 24 years of her life clinging to his tail.

She’s been a plus-one and the wife of a celebrity. She’s had to pivot and alter her life to accommodate mine. She gets a lot out of it, but they’re not even. That’s something he’d want to correct. She is deserving.

The couple intends to spend at least six months in a tiny town someplace, most likely in France.

He desires to have that experience, Cranston said. He’d rather go on day excursions, light a fire in the fireplace, and drink wine with new acquaintances than read movie scripts.

It’s not going to be, ‘Oh, I’ll read and see what I’ll do.’ No, it’s just a pause. It’s a halt. He is not going to worry about work. He is not going to answer the phone.

But if you’re devastated by the news, don’t worry: Cranston still has plenty of projects in the works before he disappears to pastures new.

One project that might be in the works is the much-discussed Malcolm in the Middle feature. Yes, indeed.

Cranston, who portrayed Hal in the famous show, says he’d be interested in a revival if the story was strong enough.

According to the actor, if they can come up with a great idea, a legitimate idea—then he’ll pursue it. But if not, then no worries. He doesn’t need employment and has a lot of jobs.

He does not require it, but he’d desire it if it were a great idea.

Let’s hope they come up with something soon, eh?

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