For ‘safety concerns,’ a woman is weighed at the airport on a baggage scale.

When you arrive at the airport for that long-awaited summer vacation, you anticipate your luggage being weighed to verify you haven’t exceeded the baggage limitations.

It’s also a decent indicator of how precise your ten-year-old scales are at home.

One airline customer, on the other hand, was terrified when one of her fellow passengers was requested to stand on the scales used to weigh baggage.

Worse, it was done in full view of all the other passengers, making it an unpleasant experience for many.

A video of the event was published on TikTok in March and had 1.6 million views before being removed.

The footage aroused widespread worry that airlines could be discriminating against larger passengers.

The brief video shows the traveler stepping onto the scales, where the baggage would normally go.

It was accompanied by the description that the whole airport was attempting to mind their own business as a woman was asked to step on the baggage scale as she claimed she was 130 lbs.

While the video was live, it drew a lot of attention, with many people defending the passenger and claiming that she should not have been weighed in front of everyone else.

Some even flocked to the comments section to share their own stories, with one writing: “Flying home from the Philippines, they weighed me… I’ve never felt so humiliated in my life.”

Meanwhile, others shared their thoughts on what they witnessed in the famous TikTok video.

“Why would they require her weight?” “Is this a US thing?” one individual said.

“That’s not okay,” said another.

Lillian Wessel (@lilwessel) of TikTok went on to explain why the lady was weighed.

She said that the plane they were boarding was very tiny, which effectively meant that the aircraft had to seat passengers in the cabin to ensure that it was balanced, as it wouldn’t be able to cope with the difference as a bigger aircraft would.

It’s a tiny plane, so they needed their weight to take off for safety reasons, stated the TikToker.

The footage was released after Air New Zealand invited customers to weigh themselves as part of a study.

The idea sparked considerable debate, but staff assured consumers that using the scales was completely optional and that their weight would not be revealed.

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