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Couple Dances Adorable Routine To ‘Do You Love Me’ From The Contours – Inspirational Videos.

The iconic 1960s tune “Do You Love Me?” starts playing in the YouTube video. When the song begins, all spectators see is a modestly furnished room for the first few seconds.

A man and a woman enter the scene at about the 10-second point in the video. Anyone watching can see right away that they have a choreographed dance performance ready to go.

The man and woman take their places virtually dead center in the picture, with approximately a foot between them. The chorus starts, and the two individuals begin to flaunt their things!

They move in unison backward, forward, and side to side. They even toss in a few snaps along with the rhythm of the iconic song for a change of pace.

They even mouth the song’s lyrics as they dance around the room together. They are clearly having a great time, judging by the huge grins on their faces!

The roughly three-minute video is hilarious. The couple’s dance routine is one that would have taken hours to devise and then perform to perfection.

Many who commented on the video expressed their appreciation for the couple’s brief dance routine.

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