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VIDEO: Man Attempts To Rob Concealed Carry Class & Stabs Cop, Gets Frontier Justice.

Marvin Payton Jr., sometimes known as “Marvon,” was well-known to Las Vegas police. So, when a nearby shooting range named “Range 702” reported a suspect trying to take a handgun to the LVPD, responding cops weren’t shocked to learn Payton was the guy behind the attempted heist.

In the video footage that the LVPD obtained, Payton is initially visible inside a classroom at the shooting range. Payton is seen sitting down and searching through a rucksack in the video, which was presented for those interested in concealed carry licenses. When the owner of the rucksack stopped him, personnel in the room were warned that Payton was trying to take a handgun.

At that time, Payton is taken out of the room, and a range employee dials 911. Three employees escorted Mr. Payton out of the business and waited for officers to arrive, the LVPD narrator added in the video. Officer Ngyuen instructs Mr. Payton to stand in front of the patrol vehicle. When Payton grew confrontational, all hell broke loose.

Mr. Payton disregarded the instructions while running away and hiding his hand in his jacket pocket, the police narrator continues. Officers attempted to apprehend Mr. Payton, but he refused to listen to them. As the cops close in on him, Payton pulls out a screwdriver and brutally assaults them. The defendant, 27, made several overhand strikes with the screwdriver, wounding a female officer in the head and neck region.

As the female officer collapsed to the ground, Officer Ngyuen and three gun range staff drew their firearms and fired 14 rounds at Payton. Marvin Payton Jr., 27, was shot 14 times and died outside Range 702, Assistant Clark County Sheriff Brett Zimmerman told reporters, the Associated Press reports. The cop was taken to the hospital and is being treated for injuries from a knife and a fractured facial bone. Her identity was not made public.

Unfortunately, this was not Marvin Payton Jr.’s first attack on an officer. North Las Vegas police described an incident with Payton at a Walmart in 2017. According to the police department, Payton charged at a police officer who arrived to investigate a car theft. Payton allegedly put his hands on the officer’s pistol holster and started fiddling with the safety mechanisms. Payton was brought to the hospital after the battle ended, where police say he told a surveyor officer that he wanted the officer’s pistol and that it was a ‘good gun.’

When Payton battled with the officer in 2017, two nice Samaritans at the Walmart assisted the police in gaining control of him. The officer received only minor wounds. Payton was arrested in the event on counts of attempted murder, violence against a protected individual, and a burglary attempt.

After multiple competency hearings, he was eventually sentenced to three to five years in prison on a charge of attempted grand larceny of a firearm. The convicted criminal, on the other hand, was released from jail and made his way to the shooting range. Payton wasn’t as fortunate this time.

The identities of the three shooting range workers who supported the policemen were not released, but the LVPD wanted to express their appreciation. Their involvement truly assisted their officers and could have saved their officer’s life, stated Assistant Sheriff Zimmerman.

There is no good in any loss of life, but Payton’s audacious, vicious assault on the female officer forced the three workers to make a split-second choice with limited alternatives. Fortunately, individuals who were willing to put their lives on the line to help those police officers in danger spared innocent lives.

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