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Customer furious at store’s “insane” $14 price for a jar of mayo

A woman has expressed her profound disbelief at the exorbitant cost of a jar of mayonnaise, criticizing the grocery store for what she considers an outrageous price hike.

As everyone is feeling the financial strain due to the current economic situation, where prices are at a historic high, life has become more challenging for many individuals. This unfortunate circumstance is also prevalent in the United States, where energy, water, and food prices have surged, causing people to struggle even to afford essential items.

While one would assume that basic grocery products would remain reasonably priced, a TikTok video posted by a woman named Linda Souders, using the handle @thefrugalsuperstar, has shocked many viewers with the cost of a simple jar of Miracle Whip mayonnaise. Linda encountered this jaw-dropping situation while shopping at a Key Food grocery store.

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She captioned her video: “Thought I was getting some Miracle Whip from Key Foods today. I thought wrong!” In the video, she exclaimed, “Can somebody tell me when Miracle went up to $13.99?”. She further demonstrated her point by displaying the label that clearly indicated a price of $13.99 for a single jar of the product.

In a passionate tone, she continued, “They have got to be losing their minds. It’s a regular 30-ounce jar. They have got to be losing their minds if they think I’m going to pay $13.99 for some Miracle Whip.”

Unsurprisingly, Linda’s followers shared her astonishment. One comment read, “No wonder everyone is stealing everything. Crazy inflation.” Another person mentioned that this particular grocery store is known for its high prices, stating, “Key Foods in Connecticut is just as expensive. Coffee creamer is $8… I went to a different local store and paid $4 for the same creamer.”

Someone even suggested making homemade mayonnaise as a cost-effective alternative. They claimed, “You can make homemade for about 2 bucks,” to which Linda expressed her intention to try.

However, some speculated that the staggering price might be a mistake on the store’s part, with one individual saying, “That has to be a mistake, maybe $3.99?”

Interestingly, it appears that Miracle Whip isn’t the only overpriced item at Key Food. Another TikTok video from a few months ago highlighted the steep prices of other basic products. For instance, the video showcased Cheerios priced at $9.19 and Oreos at $7.49. Although the specific locations of these Key Food stores were not disclosed.

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