Baby girl dies after being left in a hot van for six hours by the nursery driver

A distracted driver accidentally left a one-year-old girl locked inside a daycare center van, resulting in her tragic death due to the soaring temperatures outside. The incident occurred on August 21st in Omaha, Nebraska. The girl, Ra’Miyah Worthington, was left unattended inside the hot vehicle parked outside the daycare center. The driver, Ryan Williams, age 62, later realized the situation, entered the daycare center, and called 911. Despite immediate medical attention, Ra’Miyah did not survive.

Ryan Williams, the van driver, has been charged with child negligence resulting in death, a felony. He explained to the police that he became distracted when a young boy refused to leave the van, causing him to forget to unload Ra’Miyah. He admitted that he typically did a check of the van before locking it but forgot to do so this time.

Ra’Miyah’s mother, Sina Johnson, is devastated and questioning how such a tragedy could have occurred. Her father, Rianna Worthington, is struggling to understand how this could have happened when the daycare center picks up children early in the morning.

The circumstances indicate that Ra’Miyah was left in the van for approximately five hours, according to court documents and CCTV footage. However, there is a possibility that it could have been even longer. The family received the distressing call around 3 pm, but Ra’Miyah might have been in the van since around 8 am.

Due to this tragic event, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has taken immediate action and issued an emergency order to temporarily close the daycare center pending further investigation. The family has initiated a fundraiser to assist with the expenses of Ra’Miyah’s funeral.

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