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Teen Finds Wallet Containing $2K in Cash While Fishing and Returns It to Farmer: ‘It Was His Money’

During a summer fishing trip at Lake of the Woods, a 14-year-old high school freshman named Connor Halsa from Minnesota unexpectedly reeled in an unusual catch: a wallet full of money. While fishing with his family, Connor discovered the wallet containing $2,000 and a business card with a phone number.

Connor’s father advised him to return the wallet to its rightful owner, and the teenager agreed, stating that the money wasn’t earned by his family, but by the wallet’s owner.

The Halsa family managed to track down the owner, Jim Denney from Iowa, who had lost the wallet a year prior while fishing at the same lake. Denney met with the Halsa family, attempting to offer them money as a gesture of gratitude, but they declined. Instead, Denney gave Connor a new cooler and expressed his fondness for him, mentioning he’d welcome Connor as a grandson anytime.

Denney also treated the family to dinner. Denney the farmer summed up the experience by expressing his disbelief that he held the wallet once again.

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