Dad of Four, Attempting to Rescue Son from Rip Current, Tragically Loses Life at Massachusetts Beach

A district attorney in Massachusetts announced Wednesday that a father of four died after attempting to rescue his youngster from a rip current.

According to Essex District Attorney Paul Tucker, Gary Simard, 44, was “enjoying the day with family” at Salisbury Beach Wednesday afternoon when his kid was snatched away.

An eyewitness reported that the father struggled in the water after running into the ocean.

Robin DiNatale, who contacted 911, heard someone cry for aid and saw Simard dash in. When he was with his kid, he started to cry for aid as well.

It is reported that two men ran into the water to assist and dragged the youngster to land, but Simard was not discovered.

According to accounts, police and firemen raced to the 266 North End Boulevard area and were able to find Simard before he was given CPR. The father passed away later in the Seabrook Emergency Room.

The family was renting a beach property when the disaster happened.

Simard’s longterm companion, Alexis Wornski, expressed that Simard protected her “baby” and “died as a superhero.”

She believes that if he had a chance to save his son, he would do it again, Wornski said, adding that she would be eternally thankful for his sacrifice.

In a statement on his sister’s GoFundMe account, the 44-year-old was also complimented for his fortitude. ‘Gary genuinely was a hero who not only devoted his life to his kids but actually gave his life for them,’ a remark on the website said.

‘They are raising money to help offset the cost of Gary’s funeral expenses as well as the needs of Gary’s four young kids,’ the statement read. ‘Gary dedicated his entire life to his family.’

More than $42,000 had been raised as of Friday morning.

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