For the first time, an imploded Titanic sub is seen as remaining pieces are brought to shore.

The first images of the Titanic’s wreckage being brought ashore have been posted.

A massive search and rescue effort was initiated last week when the small submersible carrying five people went missing.

Hamish Harding, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, Shahzada Dawood, Suleman Dawood, and OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush were among those who joined.

The OceanGate-organized voyage began on Sunday (18 June), however, worries were raised when the vessel lost communication with personnel on the surface less than two hours into its journey to the Titanic site.

Despite the best efforts of the US Coast Guard and other organizations, debris was discovered in the search area on Thursday, June 22.

The Coast Guard reported that the most probable scenario was that the Titan had a ‘catastrophic implosion’ and that everyone on board perished.

Following the devastating news, officials have now published the first photographs of the debris recovered.

Large parts of the Titan can be seen being carried ashore in the images.

The remains were unloaded from the US Coast Guard ships Sycamore and Horizon Arctic at the Canadian Coast Guard port in St. John’s, Newfoundland, after the search for the debris.

According to reports, the wreckage was located around 1,600 feet from the Titanic’s bow.

Admiral John Mauger expressed his sympathies to the families of those who died during a news conference in Boston last week.

He added that this morning, a ROV, or remotely operated vehicle, from the vessel Horizon Arctic found the tail cone of the Titan submersible on the sea floor approximately 1,600 feet from the bow of the Titanic. The ROV then discovered more debris. In consultation with unified command experts, the debris is consistent with the catastrophic loss of the pressure chamber.

As soon as they made this determination, they informed the families. He extends his heartfelt condolences to the families on behalf of the United States Coast Guard and the entire unified command.

He can only imagine how this must have felt for them. And he hopes that this discovery offers some solace during this difficult time.

Mauger said this is an extremely unforgiving environment down there on the sea floor, and the debris is consistent with a catastrophic implosion of the vessel.

They will continue to work and search down there, but he doesn’t have an answer for prospects at this time.

This comes after the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said that it would investigate the events surrounding the fatalities.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s head, Kathy Fox, informed the media that the investigation’s goal was to find out what occurred and why, and to figure out what’s required to change to reduce the probability or risk of such events in the future.

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