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Grandma, 83, discloses that her two-year marriage to a 37-year-old Egyptian toy-boy has ended.

The 83-year-old grandmother who made headlines across the world for her love has confirmed that it is finished.

Iris Jones startled the world by discussing her wild evenings of love with Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham.

She went on This Morning to describe how they got through a whole bottle of KY Jelly in a single session.

They met on Facebook in 2019, and Iris traveled to Egypt the following November to marry her boyfriend, who was 46 years her junior.

They married at a local KFC, and their future seemed bright.

The pair insisted that their wedding was not staged in order for Ibriham to get a UK passport, and that they were really in love.

Iris and Mohamed moved to Weston-Super-Mare after Mohamed, 37, was given a three-year visa in 2021.

She further stated that, owing to repeated visits to the emergency room, she had to impose a sex prohibition on her partner.

But it appears that their intense marriage has come to an end.

Iris has said that she is over the romance and wants to spend her time relaxing with her cat.

She said that she never expected to fall in love with someone 46 years younger than her. She admired Mohamed in every way. However, it became difficult labor.

They used to have a great sex life, but instead of making love, they ended up arguing about anything and everything.

She added that she couldn’t be doing that. She is not a clingy adolescent. She is 83.

Mohamed left their marital home, and Iris picked up her cat, Mr. Tibbs, just a few days later.

She described the tabby as her ‘ideal friend’ now that she is alone.

She said that he never complains, is very quiet, and is very attractive. She adores him. And he’s pleased here and doesn’t make a mess.

Iris, on the other hand, didn’t hold back when asked how she felt about their divorce being over.

She said that she is not missing Mohamed at all; what irritated her the most when he left was that he took her tempura battered prawns that she’d intended for dinner that night.

That is really harsh.

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