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Heartache for High School Graduate as Cafe Opening Garners Zero Customers

The harsh realities of starting a small company have been revealed by an 18-year-old from South Australia.

South-east of Adelaide, in the town of Handorf, Tom Oswald made the decision to open a café.

He worked really hard and saved money to build the gorgeous business.

But when he opened and not a single client came in, he seemed distraught.

He uploaded a video to convey his disappointment, and the film quickly became popular on TikTok. Still waiting for a customer #sad #adelaide #hahndorf #paintok ♬ original sound – yrn_editzz11

More than two million people have seen it, and Tom has gained a ton of internet followers.

Someone posted: “We’ve got a group coming up to Hahndorf in a couple of weeks; we’ll come in for coffee!”

Someone else said, “I’m IN ADL!! is expected to arrive this weekend.

A third said, “I’ll get a coffee or pastry the next time I drive through Hahndorf.”

Tom put a lot of effort into learning about running a café over the course of two years at a separate establishment.

He acknowledged that his coffee-making skills weren’t the best, but he seized every chance to use the equipment and improve them.

The 18-year-old claimed that he had been informed by an elderly neighbor that there was a paint shop with space for a café but no one to manage it.

The kid made the decision to push himself and accept the duty.

Even though it may not have been the finest beginning to his new firm, he was aware that starting a business wouldn’t guarantee his success right away.

He said that the cafe can get a little quiet at times, but it is something he fully expects and does not get down about.

Busy days teach him the value of efficiency, while quiet days provide him time for thought and study.

It seems that all those views and interactions on TikTok have converted to some foot traffic after you gained some notoriety online.

In one video, he praised the “TikTok customers” for coming in and purchasing a coffee or pasty. In another, he expressed his gratitude for ‘keeping the dream alive’. Thieles community 💪🏼 #thielesshop #adl #hahndorf #photography #cinematic #cafe ♬ Fine line – Instrumental – Kapa Boy

When he shared footage of his first client, who walked in naturally, he had his fans roaring in excitement.

Tom said that another man traveled more than an hour to merely snap pictures of the café.

He promises to persevere and see what he can pick up.

He expressed that he is 18 years old, just graduated from high school, and is presently in his gap year and this project is practically the only thing he is ever working on.

He is either working in the shop or working remotely to identify methods to make the company run more smoothly.

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