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I Graduated With Honors — Trolls Say My Grad Pics Make Me Look ‘Dumb As Hell’

Her amusing graduation photos have divided social media.

To celebrate receiving a degree from the University of Arizona this month, one extraordinarily flexible scholar donned a pair of see-through platform shoes and a red thong and posed in an upside-down split on a stripper pole set up in the campus’s main yard.

In response to a specifically phrased Twitter inquiry about serving fierceness in “an academic way,” a redheaded recent graduate known online as Rachel Davenpole wrote, “Like this,” accompanied by frames from her NSFW photoshoot.

A photograph of her swinging around the pole, fully dressed in a white midi dress underneath her cap and gown garb, was to the right of her eye-popping split photo.

The provocative photos received over 6.7 million views from a split Twitter audience, which debated whether Rachel’s risqué performance was fantastically great or plain filthy.

“Damn, best graduation pictures ever,” said an admirer of the photographs.

“This is actually impressive as f-k,” remarked another fan.

“This is beyond a flex,” said another fan.

However, the sight of Rachel’s assumed raunchiness made reviewers wince.

The reaction was comparable to that of a Florida A&M student who appeared naked in her graduation photos last spring.

When a male high school student appeared in a bathrobe in celebration of his 2019 graduation achievement, he was labeled a “legend.”

Online trolls, on the other hand, relentlessly slut-shamed Rachel.

“This is very whorish,” one adversary said.

“Degenerate!” said another irritated Twitter user.

“You look dumb as hell,” remarked another critic, emphasizing the laughing emoji.

Rachel responded to the criticism by saying that she “graduated Magna Cum Laude (3.8 GPA) and won over $40,000 in scholarships… “Let’s get you a mirror so we can see who this babe tweets about.”

The bendy grad, who obtained a bachelor’s degree in public health, politely hailed her family and friends for their support on Instagram, where she also posted her controversial stills.

“Cheers to the future,” Rachel said.

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