Levi, Matthew McConaughey’s Son, Shares Heartfelt Birthday Tribute for His Father

Matthew McConaughey’s birthday is being celebrated with the support of family and friends!

The actor, who turned 54 on Saturday, celebrated with a football game in Texas and received a heartwarming birthday message from his son Levi McConaughey, 15, in an Instagram post.

“People know Matthew McConaughey as an actor and now a writer, but I know him as my father,” Levi wrote with vintage photographs of the duo together in the description.

“The man who always makes time for us no matter what, the man who’s always there for us no matter what, and the man who taught me to appreciate the journey and not just the destination,” he said. “The journeys are just started…Papai, happy birthday.”

Matthew and Levi were joined outdoors by Matthew’s wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, and the couple’s two children, daughter Vida, 13, and son Livingston, 10, in the first image published.

The second photograph showed Levi as a little child with Matthew at a baseball park during a game.

The couple was spotted again with the rest of the McConaughey family, including Matthew’s mother, Kay, posing for an outside group photo.

A last image showed the family seated around a kitchen table, hands laid over one other in a nice bonding moment.

Levi’s homage comes as his father Matthew had a very busy day celebrating his most recent birthday.

On Saturday, the actor was seen with wife Camila, 41, at a celebration honoring the introduction of their new Pantalones Organic Tequila before watching the Texas Longhorns beat the Kansas State Wildcats at the University of Texas in Austin.

Matthew received a birthday cake and a bottle of his own tequila as birthday gifts as he joined the hosts of Big Noon Kickoff at the game, according to a video published on X (previously known as Twitter).

“It’s not too early to start sipping this, is it?” Matthew asked a swarm of supporters who had gathered outside behind him. “Here’s to 54,” he said as he opened the bottle and sipped proudly.

In a second video published on X, the actor was seen joining the Longhorns on the field as they followed him in doing his notorious chest-beating salute from the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street prior to kickoff.

To see that little sparkle in his eye, like I heard that sound! You can just imagine how he must feel. A whole new world is opening up to him.

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