Will Reeve Responds to Being Compared to Father Christopher

Will Reeve understands the public’s fascination with how much he resembles his movie star father, and he takes it as a complement.

Will, the youngest child of late Superman actor and activist Christopher Reeve and Dana Reeve, opened up about his physical similarities to his father at the “An Eve with Reeve” benefit for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, of which he is a board member.

Will, 31, described himself as very lucky to have the life that he does.

And he believes if the public might find a little interest in, ‘Oh, he looks like his famous dad,’ that’s great, Reeve expressed in an interview. That implies they’re talking about his family in a positive light and honoring his dad, his mom, and his family in a way that appreciates them.

He adds that he always takes that as a compliment. He believes that he had two beautiful parents, inside and out, and if he bears any resemblance to them physically, temperamentally, or in his values, then he takes that as a compliment every day.

The annual gala for “An Eve with Reeve”—now in its third decade—was held at The Glasshouse in New York City for a “re-imagined” occasion. Will and his sister Alexandra Reeve Givens both tease about how Team Reeve hopes to collect money for the foundation at the New York City Marathon on Sunday, as well as what Will views as his personal superpower heading into the weekend: his “ability to connect with people.”

Will adds that he loves people, especially when it comes to the Reeve Foundation and the community that they are working so hard to build. Nothing makes him happier or more proud than when individuals who might not have known each other or about them or their cause otherwise come together and leave with something meaningful.

According to the foundation’s website, its purpose is to advance research and enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by spinal cord injury.

Will goes on to say that he prides himself on bringing people into their community. As he always says, once one is in, one is in, and his goal is to keep building that community by connecting individuals and making sure that, yeah, everybody has a good time at an event like this and enjoys their marathon experience if they’re running for them or cheering for them, but broader or more significant than having a nice time is discovering a deep connection to something that is crucial so their community can blossom.

Will has previously spoken favorably about his father, who died in 2004, nine years after an equestrian injury crippled him from the neck down and two years before his mother Dana died of lung cancer. Will composed a poignant tribute to Christopher on Father’s Day in 2021 and shared it with Good Morning America.

“I’m 29 now and have finally started to understand what honoring my dad actually means,” he said at the time. “I thought it meant following the roads he would want me to go down, or to live my life as his proxy, making up for lost time according to his thwarted dreams.”

“Turns out, our parents want us to find out who we are and go be that. That is the ultimate form of honor.”

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