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Mom Of Twelve Responds To Detractors After Serving Her Kids Nachos In A Kiddie Pool.

One enormous family’s poolside lunch has captured the internet’s attention, which is no stranger to viral films.

Alicia Dougherty, who operates the “Dougherty Dozen” social media accounts, shared a pair of TikTok videos that have subsequently gone viral on May 5 and 6. The creative mother of 12 cooks and serves nachos for her children in the movies; however, this chip meal is created in a kiddie pool.

@doughertydozen Happy #CincoDeMayo have some #PoolNachos OC: @growkingbleesing ♬ original sound – blessingswithbankrollboys

“Happy #CincoDeMayo, have some #PoolNachos,” Dougherty captioned the first TikTok video on May 5.

Dougherty can be seen in the 16-second video lugging a kiddie pool full of nachos to her patiently waiting family before they all eat in.

“Snackerty Board got upgraded to a #NachoPool for #CincoDeMayo #FridayNight #PoolOpening,” Dougherty wrote in the description of a TikTok video posted on May 6 that went viral, garnering over 4 million views. Dougherty puts together the nachos in a 36-inch pool from Family Dollar in the time-lapse film.

Dougherty throws in bags and bags of Tostitos chips — ten in all — before adding the toppings: browned ground meat, nacho cheese, salsa, numerous bags of shredded cheese, lettuce, olives, cherry tomatoes, and, ultimately, sour cream.

@doughertydozen Snackerty Board got upgraded to a #NachoPool for #CincoDeMayo #FridayNight #PoolOpening ♬ Mentirosa – Ráfaga

The video’s reception was as mixed as the nachos themselves. While many people showed their support, others found the intense family-style lunch to be horrifying.

“That appears to be a lot of fun.” “Those are memories that will last a lifetime,” one TikTok user said.

“I feel like I’ve been living the wrong life,” a second stated.

“My entire family (13 people) said we should try this, and I’m still not sure, haha!” “Thank you for the inspiration,” said a third.

And on the other side of the chip…

“What in the USA is this lol,” one TikToker said.

“No, ma’am,” said another.

“At what point do we start to think, ‘This is insane,'” a third person questioned. “Because I believe you’ve passed that point.”

“The chips at the bottom are just wasted lol,” said another, to which another answered, “That was my thought, nachos need to be layered like a beautiful lasagna.”

“Would love to see how much of that you all ate,” one person speculated, to which another responded, “12 kids + the parents, I’m sure it all went.”

Dougherty also responded to a question about what they’ll do with the leftovers by simply saying, “eat them.”

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time a family’s maximalist approach to nachos has gone viral. On June 23, 2020, @stefherder, a TikTok user, posted a video of her family’s “nacho table.” The crustaceans were replaced with corn chips and topped with queso, ground beef, and other toppings distributed over a large table wrapped in aluminum foil, inspired by a seafood boil.

@stefherder we always make a nacho table during family vacation 🧀🌮 #DontLeaveMe #MakeSomeoneSmile #nachotable #foryou #puremichigan #vacation #family ♬ CEO of speaking French – I.y.a

In November 2016, an Austin, Texas, guy notably had a birthday party complete with a kiddie pool nacho dish.

Dougherty, on the other hand, asserts that another well-liked TikTok video featuring a large group of friends, a ton of chips, and their own kiddie pool served as inspiration.

“My friend Kiersten sent me a TikTok video on @Growkingbleesing with a Nacho Pool, and since nachos are one of my favorite foods, I knew I had to recreate it!” In an email, Dougherty refers to a video from April 21 in which TikToker @officialgrowkinggalaxy carries a kiddie pool full of loaded nachos to his (adult) companions, who go to town on it.


♬ original sound – blessingswithbankrollboys

Dougherty claims the nacho pool took just over six minutes to put up, a procedure that was shown in more detail in a popular TikTok video from May 9.

She adds that the Nacho Pool was a hit with the kids. They could have eaten that for hours! They thought it was fantastic, she adds.

@doughertydozen #NachoPool went viral and made it to the #NYPost so I thought I’d share the #BehindTheScenes (that’s Dash and Jason on the side helping me!) #Nachos ♬ original sound – Dougherty Dozen

According to the mom’s numerous TikToks in which she prepares breakfast and packs lunches for her kids, the pool’s quick construction is in line with her demonstrated ability to meal prep at a life-pace.

Dougherty estimates that after preparing everything the night before, this procedure takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes every day. So it’ll be ready at 5 a.m., she says.

@doughertydozen What did you have for breakfast? #CircleEggs #BigFamily #Breakfast #LargeFamily #MorningRoutine #MealPrep #MealPrepping ♬ Chill Like That – Sunday Scaries & PiCKUPLiNES

Dougherty comments on the internet response to the nacho pool, saying that she is glad people saw it how she saw it: as a fun family activity.

She says that as with anything one does on social media, there are mixed responses, but she is pleased that the majority appreciated it, and many individuals said they’re going to try it this summer.

Given the size of Dougherty’s family — Alex, 17, James, 16, Nevaeh, 14, Patrick, 14, Dayshawn, 13, Bree, 12, Zoey, 11, Dashel, 9, twins Jordan and Jason, 8, Bodhi, 6, and Harlee, 4 —giant smorgasbords are a regular event, so why not have some fun with it?

And if you’re wondering whether Dougherty cleaned the pool before constructing the nachos in it, “yes,” she adds confidently.

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