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Mother And Daughter Duo Turn The Tables On Armed Robber — They Pull Out Guns And Fire Away.

An armed robber couldn’t stop a mother-daughter team in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The terrifying incident was recorded on tape, and it showed the robber, subsequently identified as Tyrone Lee, waltzing into Forest Acres Liquor Store armed with a sawed-off shotgun. Tina Ring, the business owner, and her daughter, Ashley Lee, seemed to cooperate with the shooter at first.

Ashley is seen opening the register and then raising her hands as he goes through the money. When he attempted to flee with the money, Ashley drew a revolver from behind the register and gave it to her mother. The couple activated their security system, which automatically locks all doors, before the burglar came to the door. He returned his attention to the two ladies.

Tina Ring shot at Tyrone Lee, but he continued to charge. He took the gun away from Ring and pistol-whipped her, leaving her with a head wound that needed seven staples to repair. Ashley Lee shot at him with her own pistol until he surrendered. He was in serious condition when he arrived at a neighboring hospital.

Tina Ring explained that all she saw was his hood and a mask over his face, and he said, ‘It’s a robbery,’ and she said, ‘It’s a what.’ The masked guy can be seen walking inside with a revolver, taking money from the cash register, and seeming to depart on the security footage, but the horror was far from finished.

When he came over here, they’re squatted down, and she’s thinking he’s gone, and then it’s just like there he is, and there’s his face and his shotgun again, and it’s just like, yeah, Tina said. The shop owner also said that after firing the first shot, it seemed Tyrone Lee was going away, but he turned and appeared as if he were returning, so she continued shooting.

Tina said she simply didn’t have a whole lot of time to think other than stop, stop. But he didn’t stop there. She kept pulling the trigger, and she just kept pulling it. So he checked to make sure it was empty, and then he got her pistol, and she believed he came up behind her and whacked her in the head. She thinks she got about seven staples, she continued. She believed he was going to kill them.

Ashley Lee eventually shoots Tyrone Lee as he is pistol-whipping her mother. The mother-daughter duo dashed outdoors to safety, relieved to be alive. Ashley added that she is really blessed that she looked out for her the way she would. Tyrone Lee was a suspect in many armed robberies in Tulsa.

Tyrone Lee pleaded guilty to four robbery crimes and was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison. “Violent criminals like Tyrone Lee endanger the lives of all Oklahomans. This robbery could have resulted in tragedy, but it resulted in justice,” said US Attorney Trent Shores. “We are happy that the judge sentenced the defendant to 22 years in federal prison. As another ‘Alpha criminal’ was taken from our Tulsa streets, consider this another success story for Project Safe Neighbourhoods.”

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