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Waitress Slips Couple A Note, But They Didn’t Read It Until They Left The Restaurant.

Carlos Sepeda Jr. and his wife, Tammy, were caught up in a nightmare. Forced to abandon their house and leave everything behind, they must have been stressed when they stopped for food at a Texas eatery. The couple had just left their Houston home in a rush, determined to get to Tammy’s mother’s place as soon as possible.

Understanding the strain Carlos and Tammy were under, Tammy’s mother brought them to Sam’s Restaurant in Fairfield, Texas, for some comfort food. After they chose a table in Mary Gough’s area, that choice would have an influence not just on the couple but on the whole globe. Despite the fact that they didn’t know one another, they would soon be grateful their paths intersected.

The reason Carlos and Tammy were in the neighborhood came up in discussion as they sat down to dine. The couple had just lost everything and were sitting miserably at the restaurant, trying to accept their new reality. This happened in the days after Hurricane Harvey. It pounded Texas hard, dumping 40 inches of rain on the greater Houston region in only four days.

Flooding caused by the unprecedented rains forced people to abandon their homes, including Carlos Sepeda Jr., his wife Tammy, and their family. After piling their stuff on tables, mattresses, and anywhere else they could get it off the ground, the Houston family drove north to Tammy’s mother’s home to escape the storm.

Sadly, all of their safeguards were insufficient. Floodwaters submerged Carlos and Tammy’s house. The devastating floodwaters climbed nearly as high as their vehicle’s’s top. So, while Carlos and Tammy were sat in the restaurant that fateful day, the subject inevitably came up as they quickly discussed their concerns with their waiter. Mary had seen the destruction wrought by the hurricane as it unfolded on the television. However, after hearing everything firsthand, Mary knew she had to assist.

Instead of just lending a sympathetic ear, the kind waiter felt she needed to do more. And she would turn out to be the bright spot in this Houston family’s disaster narrative. Mary handed Tammy a folded letter as the Sepeda family concluded their lunch and headed towards the door. Tammy unwrapped it in the parking lot and was taken aback when she showed it to Carlos and the rest of her family.

“This isn’t much compared to your loss. Buy you something special. God bless — my prayers are w/u,” Mary said in her message. A $100 note was tucked inside. Carlos and Tammy understood they had to move quickly since $100 isn’t exactly small dough for someone who relies on tips to earn a living. The pair went back inside to locate Mary right away.

When they saw her, they sought to return the money, claiming it was too much. She persisted, declining to listen or return the money and claiming that she had prayed about it. When the time came, Mary donated the couple a table and chairs to assist them re-furnish their house. And, based on the images of what Carlos Sepeda Jr. and his wife Tammy encountered when they eventually came home, it’s a good thing they had the compassion of strangers to help them get through it.

Blown away by a stranger going above and beyond to aid someone in need, Carlos turned to Facebook to share Mary’s beautiful act and express his gratitude for encountering such generosity during such a difficult time. It seemed to be what many needed to see and hear, as it has been shared tens of thousands of times and has about a hundred thousand likes.

This is how I know Texas is great! My mother in law took my wife and I to Sam's restaurant in Fairfield, Tx after we…

Posted by Untold Stories on Monday, 11 September 2017

Today’s news is replete with tales of shootings, lying, cheating, stealing, and people generally mistreating one another in a variety of ways. Fortunately, this was not one of them. It was the exact opposite, and the kindness this waitress displayed for total strangers during such a trying time has had an impact on many people and continues to do so. The wonderful aspect is that we don’t need a natural tragedy to show this sort of compassion and love. We may choose any day to motivate others, express love, and make the world a better place.

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