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Neighbors Hear 5-Yr-Old Girl’s Cry For Help As She Yelled Out About ‘Monster’ Who Allegedly Killed Her Father.

Raynell Jones, who was babysitting at the girl’s neighbor’s house in Detroit, Michigan, saw Maggie Millsap when she shouted for assistance from the window of a duplex where she and her father resided. “She goes, ‘Help me, please,'” Jones remembered. Then a guy approached, and Maggie transmitted one more terrifying message before returning inside the apartment.

“When the guy walks back up, she says, ‘The monster is back,’ and then she closes the curtain,” Jones said, describing the moment Maggie informed her she needed to be protected from a supposed “monster.” That was enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, prompting Jones to call the cops.

Officers were called to the 12100 block of Schaefer Highway. What the investigators learned will haunt them. Not only was the child’s father, Colby Millsap, discovered dead outside the entrance of their apartment, but authorities also uncovered another suspected murder victim during the investigation. Within the same week, a second man was discovered shot to death outside the duplex.

To make matters worse, neighbors said that the kid was kept captive for two days while her father’s lifeless corpse lay outside their door. Thanks to Jones, however, the girl was saved from the alleged kidnapping and captivity, and 30-year-old Dangelo Cash Clemons, who lived in the unit next door to Maggie and her father, —was arrested in connection with the crime after allegedly abducting the child from her home and fleeing to the residence next door, where he lived, authorities said.

Maggie was seen on bodycam footage telling a female officer that she wishes to be a police officer when she grows up while being rescued from the “monster” that reportedly murdered her dad. Maggie, who had serious health issues due to being born prematurely and whose mom died shortly after she was born, was moved to live with her grandmother in Texas following her rescue.

Despite the fact that the kid was saved, the incident will haunt detectives for many years to come. “I’ve never come across a case like this before,” said Detroit Detective James Kraszewski. “This will be with me until the end,” he continued, visibly moved. Indeed, a 5-year-old child who has lost both parents due to persistent health issues is heartbreaking, to say the least, and neighbors expressed similar, conflicted feelings.

While they are grateful Maggie was found alive and was rescued from her alleged captor, they are also in grief. “He needs to know that he is going to hurt this little girl for the rest of her life,” Karla Reaves said of Clemons. “Not only did he hurt her, but he hurt us and anyone else who loved that little girl because now she doesn’t have anybody,” Darion Reaves continued.

Maggie Millsap had someone when it counted the most, and her heartbreaking tragedy may teach us all that. We fear to think what would have occurred to Maggie if it hadn’t been for the feeling of community, where neighbors looked out for one another and followed the “if you see something, say something” philosophy. She’s still alive thanks to a few “nosey neighbors.” We thank them for giving notice and providing this child with the assistance she needed, essentially sparing her from a monster.

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