On Thursday, McDonald’s will give out free fries (any size!) in honor of National French Fry Day.

McDonald’s wishes you to celebrate Fry Day with free fries on Thursday.

Thursday, July 13 is National French Fry Day. The fast food chain stated on its app that it would be giving customers free fries of any quantity on the holiday. To get the free fries at participating locations, no extra purchase is needed; however, registration on the app is required.

Those who miss National French Fry Day may still enjoy a medium-size order of fries for free with any $1 purchase every Friday by ordering using the McDonald’s app.

If you want to match your fries with a McCafé Bakery item, you’ll need to move quickly. McDonald’s confirmed that the category’s three goods, the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll, will be phased out later this month.

A spokesperson said in a statement that fans can still satisfy their sweet tooth with their iconic Chocolate Chip Cookies, Baked Apple Pie, and frozen desserts at restaurants nationwide.

McDonald’s recently made waves with the release of a limited-edition Grimace Birthday Shake, a drink celebrating the restaurant’s purple mascot, who just turned 52. On June 12, the purple milkshake became available as part of Grimace’s Birthday Meal, causing quite a stir on social media, including a TikTok trend in which people created tiny horror flicks inspired by the oddly flavored dish.

McDonald’s announced on Twitter that the drink was “inspired by Grimace’s iconic color and sweetness” and contained a “creamy vanilla soft serve blended with Grimace shake syrup and finished with whipped light cream.” The shake included undertones of strawberry shortcake, cotton candy, and Fruity Pebbles, according to editors who sampled it.

In a July 6 tweet, McDonald’s published a picture of the figure wearing sunglasses and waving farewell, implying that the shake’s run had come to an end. “U made me feel so specialll,” the caption said.

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