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Sarah Jessica Parker Shares Tear-Jerking Tribute To Husband Matthew Broderick On 26 Yrs Together.

On May 19, 1997, Sarah Jessica Parker married Matthew Broderick. Since then, the pair has stayed happily married. And, unlike many Hollywood couples who divorce after a few years or even months, they have been married for nearly 25 years!

Sarah Jessica Parker was previously in a high-profile relationship with actor Robert Downey Jr. before beginning her romance with Matthew Broderick. They dated for seven years until splitting up in 1991.

Downey said he liked to drink and had a drug problem, and that didn’t fit with Sarah Jessica because it is the polar opposite of what she is. She gave him a place to live and compassion. She attempted to assist him. She was furious when he didn’t get his act together. He was in love with Sarah Jessica, yet it was evident that love was insufficient.

Parker’s brothers Toby and Pippin founded a Broadway theater company named ‘Naked Angels’ at the same time in the early 1990s. Broderick became active in the company, which is how he met Parker, a fellow Broadway devotee who had her big break as a youngster by portraying “Annie” in “Annie.”

Matthew and she are from different eras and places. When they were younger, all they aspired to be were decent, professional actors. They didn’t think about fame or money since, to be honest, money was never a part of the dream, Parker remarked in a 2013 interview. It was to work in theater and to be around individuals whose work she was completely blown away by.

Broderick ultimately asked Parker out on a date in 1992, months after they met. Parker remembered that he left a very lovely, very self-effacing message on the machine in 1996. “You know, ‘Hi, it’s Matthew Broderick.’ You had to use your last name.”

The couple headed to the movies. He does remember first meeting her, Broderick stated in 2012. “[…],” he continued. And he recalls watching her stroll down the street towards the movie theater. It’s unusual since most folks he wouldn’t recognize the first time he saw them go down the street. However, he recalls it vividly.

Parker stated in an interview last year that she understood she wanted to marry Broderick from the beginning.

They shocked their 100 wedding guests in 1997. Attendees thought they were going to a typical celebration, but they were really witnessing the couple’s wedding at the Lower East Side synagogue.

Parker defied convention even more by choosing a black wedding gown.

According to sources, Broderick persuaded Parker to take on the character of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. When Parker collected her second Golden Globe a few years into the job, she noted in her speech, “the courage to let me work with the likes of Chris Noth, John Slattery, and John Corbett.”

Broderick was also approached about appearing on the program with his wife, but he turned them all down.

After five years of marriage, the couple had their first child, James Wilkie Broderick, in 2002.

“If I could go back in time and relive one moment in my life, it would undoubtedly be the birth of my children,” Parker stated in 2016. “It’s just you and, in my case, my husband, and this child, and it’s utter bliss.”

They then received their daughters, Tabitha Hodge Broderick and Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick, through surrogacy in the summer of 2009.

Parker said they tried and tried and tried to get pregnant, but it just wasn’t to be the conventional way. If she could, she would give birth as often as she could. She treasured every milestone, good and bad.

The couple kept the birth of their twins and the circumstances leading up to it mostly hidden. “You can’t talk about how you feel about the woman who’s carrying your children; you can only talk about it to your husband,” the Oscar winner continued.

The couple has three kids and lives a very simple life, typically performing most activities themselves.

The pair is now celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary. The actress turned to Instagram to commemorate a significant life event. She captioned a photo of a champagne cork, “Happy 26th anniversary, my husband. That sure was a nice celebration and a real nice bottle of champagne,” Parker wrote. “And a gorgeous walk home. Oh, the miles we have strolled together. I love you. XOX, your SJ.”

What a lovely thought to have for your husband and marriage! The pair seems to care about one another and celebrates their achievements with champagne and lasting memories.

While the pair prefers not to discuss their marriage in the media, Broderick spoke out on how to maintain a happy marriage in 2016. “Listen to her,” he said. “You know, that helps,” he continues, adding, give her a small gift every now and then. Just be kind with her.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the couple on their 26th wedding anniversary. Please join us in congratulating them on their special occasion!

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